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Our mission is to explore the largest Saturn satellite

The mission's goal is to explore more places to live. NASA has announced that a double quadricycle will land on many Titan destinations, as Earth conditions are similar to those on Earth four billion years ago.

If the mission of a "wild horse" is successful, it could help reveal the origins of life on our planet. These discoveries can offer important information in the quest for life in the universe.

This mission is part of NASA's "New Border" competition program and aims to discover how chemistry has given up biology.

Scientists have long considered Titan Satellite to be the most suitable place to explore. Many people think that it could develop the life of microorganisms.

The landscape of the greatest Saturn's companion is dominated by sand dunes and watercourses that consist of hydrocarbons, liquid methane and ethane. The titanium surface is covered with a solid layer of ice beneath which is the reservoir of liquid water for which astrophysicists believe that they are the same temperature as water in the shallow Pacific Ocean.

Titanium is organically composed of complex molecules that can be, at least, the outbreak of extraterrestrial biology. So Titan has long been the subject of astrophysic fascination.

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