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"Partizan creates NBA players, Pea and White play for those who are not good at all"

The General Director of the Sacrament, Governor Divac, spoke of the beginning of his career and of the interesting experiences through which he passed.

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Photo: Andreas Rentz / Bongarts / Getty Images

Photo: Andreas Rentz / Bongarts / Getty Images

Divac talked about his first start when he moved to the stage at the age of 14.

"When this happens, return the movie at the time it started, it was a big decision for me and my family, I was only 14 years old, I had to leave my parents to consecrate, let me live my dream", He said Divac.

During Partizan's career, the government conducted three seasons, and later shortly redreded into the Red Star.

He praised the black and white, then "knocked" the great "red-white" rival, the team of Pee Stojakovic and Nemanje Bjelice.

"Partizan, the club I played for his youth, continues to create NBA players, this is probably the club played by the biggest NBA players, such as Bogdanovi, Pea (Stojakovi) and Beli (Nemanja Bjelica). , but they are not good at all ", the government came.

Celebrated as Kingsa says every success is increasingly "hungry" for new ones.

"When I managed to break into the game, I wanted to play for at least five minutes, then I wanted to be a starter … So in the sport, you always want to see more. When I managed to get to the team, I wanted to be in the NBA when I was done I did this and I did more than that … Now I'm 50 years old and I'm tired, I think I've fulfilled all the goals, as in the game.

Divac says he can not put out a moment in his favorite career.

"I had only one moment to play, I played well for great coaches, I had a great game, I started with four career championships, and three of them, Dino Raa, Should be, Tony Kuko … We had only 16, 17. Then I came to the national team and the Olympic medals for my country were a net fantasy, said Divac.

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