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Pavkov certainly goes to the Stars

Pavkov is surely going to be a star - paper from Asia is waiting again

The Red Star Leadership Days are underway in Windischgarsten. Tonight, finally, one could point to a certain arrival of Tondele Tomane and Brazil's left ankle from Pafos Gandher. But this is not the only news from the Serbian champion camp.

There is still talk of sagging in sagi transfer Milana Pavkova, The Strong Attacker disagreed about personal conditions in China, returned to Belgrade and should join training on July 3, when the team Vladana Milojevic starts working in Ljutice Bogdan. However, despite missed transfers to China, the hero of the victory over Liverpool will leave the ranks of Serbia's champions.

They will not say directly to the Red Star leaders, but Asia paper is waiting again. for pavka one of the Emirates clubs is interested and ready to equalize Jiangsu's bid when it comes to compensation. So, Zvezda could recover three million euros … Allegedly accountable to Maracan, they were convinced they would soon receive paper with an official offer. It seems that this story with the Emirates is most serious pavka there is interest from two other countries.

Breaking nostalgia! Only the star of a beard is a good star

At the same time, Pavkov is one of the few players in the game who has the club management permission to move to the end of qualifying before the qualification is over. In that small group that is Milan Rodić, but there is still no official offer for the potential national team of Serbia. His eventual sales will also wait for Brazil to fit Zander.

Months have been digging for a certain sale Branko JovičićHowever, the game with Zenit has shown how popular it is Bakula significant for the system Vladan Milojevic, Especially when red and white hit the objectively stronger rival. with Mirko Ivanić, the former Amkar member was the best single in red and white on the most important test in Austria. It was a great match against Zenith's robbers, and he also made it easier to plug the balls Milunovic and Savic, in matches with Dzjuba and Azmunom.

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