Monday , April 19 2021

Press when the flu epidemic is waiting and a mutated flu is coming

In mid-December it comes to Serbia mutated form of influenza virus against which no vaccine exists, warn the doctors. It is a mixture of pork (AH1N1) and seasonal (type B) strains of the virus, which will connect to a brand new, distant more dangerous form, writes "Courier".

Experts warn us the mass influenza epidemic in Serbia is expected in mid-January, when people return to work after New Year's and Christmas holidays. The attack will first be over 65 years old, pregnant and chronic patients, and then children.

Dr. Zarko Ranković, a specialist in infection, says the first version of the influenza AH1N1 will arrive in mid-December, which will soon change because it will be associated with a type B virus.

"Every year, the same epidemiological situation is related to cases of respiratory infections, and sudden changes in time, glory and family gatherings lead to a greater number of patients in the second half of December, so it is fairly normal to expect a milder form of AH1N1 flu. will soon change the structure, mutate and become far more dangerous, with a very difficult clinical picture, "says Rankovic.

he advises citizens to vaccinate in each case, although mutagenic immunization does not help.

"There is a mutated or seasonal virus, immunization is needed, especially in the age of 65, chronic patients and pregnant women. The vaccine serves to maintain the body's condition and to prevent serious conditions that may be deadly to patients, such as complete body breakdown, breathing difficulties, coma and even death. The only problem is that viruses of genetically modified compounds are a combination of several types of flu and that no immunization can be eradicated. However, At least 40 percent can alleviate the severity of the disease"explains the interlocutor.

Dr Rankovic, MD, Dr Bran Grujić agrees with him. According to her, the peak of flu activity is expected in January, when the number of patients can dramatically increase.

"Sore throat, nasal leakage, cough, weakness, elevated temperature and muscle pain are the main symptoms of each seasonal flu, even mutated, and are mostly treated with vitamins and cold preparations. but If the disease lasts more than seven days, and patients do not notice improvement in recovery, they must contact the doctor, because their advice is very important in the days when we have two types of viruses. Of course, the epicenter of infection effects is now expected in January after holidays and school holidays when viral activity is the strongest, "Grujic says advises citizens to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, take liquids, anti-fatigue preparation, rest and avoid indoor gatherings.

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