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Protest Meeting of the Alliance for Serbia in Kruševac – Politics

Together with the epitaph of "anti-dictatorships" and "shrieks of" tyranny "and" stoppage of violence ", Krusevci went to the opposition protesters tonight, protesting against last week's beating by Borko Stefanovic and two other Serbian officials in their town.

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Photo.Tviter / Alliance for Serbia

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After the protest walks, a forum was organized at the Cultural Center, where opposition representatives were commissioned

– "Tonight we are in Krusevac, but tomorrow we will stay together in the fight against violence and crime". Serbian Union President Dragan Đilas emphasized that "they are not the leaders of the opposition, but the leaders of Krusevo who are walking boldly with their city tonight," as well as people throughout Serbia who are victims of the criminal regime.

"We are in Krusevac tonight, but we are in Belgrade next Saturday. We will show them that we have the ability to work together Serbia as a normal country," said Djilas, announcing a demonstration in the capital. President Dveri Bosko Obradovic addressed the current allegations

"If we do not stand together, we will separate ourselves" and emphasize the necessity of solidarity. National Party President Vuk Jeremic emphasized that Aleksandar Vučić is the most prominent model of Milo Djukanovic and wants to spend in Serbia what has been done in Montenegro – full of state and organized crime, when democracy disappears and political opponents are beginning to be arrested. Serbian leftist party Borko Stefanovic said that the killers from Krusevac came to Rasadnik last Friday to defeat, but did not count on the fact that they actually put the seed of unity between the opposition and the citizens. "Tonight, you all show that they could not stop us, nor will they. It is time to avoid the crime because freedom comes," Stefanovic said.

On behalf of the Social Democrats, participants addressed Constantine Samofou, who said that the fall of Borko Stefanovic was "a point of no return", and that the opposition was obliged to continue the struggle against the regime-generated violence. Dejan Sulkić, vice president of the Democratic Party of Serbia, said that "Serbia is ruled by people with fantasies and black caps, which are part of the same family we call a lot of idiots."

Boban Jovanovic, one of the three Serbian leftist officials, who was beaten last Friday in Krusevac, thanked his fellow citizens and colleagues for their opposition to solidarity. Also present are the deputy people of Djordje Vukadinovic, DS Zoran Lutovac, Movement Movement President Janko Veselinovic and many other opposition representatives.

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