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Reduced historical president from the envelope

When the current total Serbian President, as the overall Prime Minister of Serbia, has reduced the total number of pensions – he almost did not write a letter to himself, thanks to the courage and wisdom that he had never seen with anyone except for himself.

"I believe this is the biggest step in Serbian history," Aleksandar Vucic explained in his famous episode "I am About Me" in those days, that there was no brave move to reduce pensions in Serbian history.

However, since it is strange that the president write only himself, the letter of support to the president was written by Informer by publishing a story story unseen in the history of rectal mountaineering, a special sport-social discipline in which our middle class will represent us at the next Olympics,

And one hundred percent will win a gold medal because it is one of the best rectangular alpinists in the world, a real giant of this sport.

"It's important that you train regularly, because in this sport the most important training, plus talent," one day, our glorious rectal climber, who countless times climbs to the top of the hill Rectum, faster than others who are not trained so devoted and so regular,

On the title Informer, in large letters with the photograph, Vučić Aleksandra wrote: "There are balls, Serbs will not forgive him!" And from the accompanying text it can be concluded that research journalism is well organized but a mysterious group of people, better known as E.I. (abbreviated by the Informing Team), it was concluded that the president is a wise man with the unquestionable courage and wisdom that can be gained. So who likes to choose!

And while the Informer personally cried the President's wisdom, the other media were delighted. Even when our ancestors crossed Albania, there was no courageous steps in Serbian history – it was only clamoring for the conclusion of people who just crossed the Rectum, the southeast mountain of Southeast Asia, and they have come a long way.

Vojvoda Živojin Mesic then said, "I'm sorry, I've been waiting for my whole life with a much bigger enemy and I've won regularly, so I only had to cut pensions!"

And all the other potential candidates from Serbian history for the prestigious title "The Strongest Movement in Serbian History" then asked, "Where did I not remember my pension? What a fool, the brother of Serbia and the Serbs, will be the happiest in history to remain Vucic, until nobody will remember us. "

Years later, when he experienced a legendary fiasco in all possible plans – he began to "immerse" him in the roof of the international celebration and practically presented why Vucic was the most prominent Serbian leader of the world from Tito's second – the president rephrased the retired person and his own description of himself as the author "the bravest move in Serbian history".

"For the first time, I will go to all the retirees, not the state cost, but as the president of the party I lead, write a letter, thank them for the patience and faith in my country and my leadership," the president said in late September.

Again, in her famous episode "The First Time in History," she described her own human acting methods. Of course, he will not write a letter on government spending, though no one knows why someone would write a privately-propagandized love letter on state spending, where he would thank the retirement costs of the party, which reduced their retirements to their expenses. He stressed that they were grateful for their faith in the state leadership, although some of the retired, mostly envoys, who agreed to contact Pink when the president visited to thank him for reducing the pension, none of the other retired people showed to believe in state leadership. Most of them increased pressure and disbelief in the state leadership, and some in the meantime went to the eternal hunting ground, and the president sent them by mail.

He wrote a letter he sent to the addresses of all pensioners in recent Serbian history, where, in turn, his discreetly diminished image that every pensioner can increase in order to get to bed.

Returnees are often lonely, they are just waiting for someone or even a postman to come to them, but they are certainly the happiest when they come with a reduced redeemer.

"When a postman with a reduced Vucic arrives, I see that he has also been reduced to fit in the envelope, just to be better for all of us," said retirees, delighted that the colonel has no writing, but there are also those who must write to the retirees.

"Without my silent and strong support, the Serbian government, I would not dare to do all this," it was written in a letter that showed that in the future every silence would convince the chairman that he had silent but powerful support, so in the future, without regardless of the President's decision, they immediately begin to decline and fall.

What, of course, opens the possibility for the following letter to say: "Without your noisy and so strong support, the Serbian government, I would not dare do anything."

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