Tuesday , January 26 2021

Republic / Animals on antidepressants scandalized scientists!


Victims of Poultry of Pharmaceutical Products

The team of researchers, led by researchers at Monas University, analyzed insects and spiders found in six streams in this city and found traces of as many as 98 percent of different types of pharmaceuticals.

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Scientists have discovered 69 different insects and 66 in spiders. Scientists have explained that medicines carry the food chain. Insects are fed on spiders, and they are food for strange bloody stains, writes Guardian.

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The drugs enter the stream through sewage treatment plants that do not remove all harmful substances consumed by humans. Some come through septic tanks or permeable water and sewer pipes.

Water from streams and streams around Melbourne, even those with very little waste, contained "a whole cocktail of drugs," the researchers said, not hiding that they were unpleasantly surprised.


"Antidepressants are drugs that are originally intended to eliminate depression in people whose symptoms are depression, dizziness, sorrow, hopelessness, despair and lack of energy," said Michael Grays, co-author of the study.

This is the first study in the world that suggests there are a number of pharmaceutical substances in the food chain and that some animals may be exposed to half the daily dose of antidepressants prescribed for humans, said study leader Erin Richmond.

– Research has shown that many of the medicines that can be traced remain in the water bodies of invertebrates, but also in waterways from where they go to the terrestrial areas surrounding them. Spiders, birds, bats are consumed here. Richmond explained.

Research results from researchers at the University of Monash in Melbourne were published in the journal Nature Communications.

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