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Republic / menopausal disorders are past! Ladies, medicine is at your fingertips

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Women usually enter menopause around the age of fifty, but today it is becoming more common to feel their first symptoms as early as their forties or even earlier.

This is why women who live in smaller towns and villages later enter into menopause

The hormonal changes that occur in the climax can be of greater or lesser intensity, but they greatly affect the emotional and physical state of the woman.

The most common symptoms of menopause

It is extremely difficult for many women to get used to these problems, and hormone therapy is the ultimate solution that most people try to avoid. One of them was a 50-year-old British Jam woman who decided to turn to an alternative solution to her problems.

– I slept really bad, and then I worried I would sleep so little. I was irritable, and also noticed that I was "losing" beauty and freshness. My hair, nails and skin were dry, and all these little things affected my mental health, "she said.

After a few months, Gemma turned to doctors who suggested her hormone therapy. Fearing an increased risk of breast cancer, she declined.

She discussed her problems with a friend who suggested that she include supplements containing vitamin D3 and keratin in her diet. According to her, these two ingredients have an immediate impact on the physical and mental health of women, especially during the menopause period.

This mother of three started drinking pills in the morning and twice in the evening for one week, and the first thing she noticed was that her mood had improved.

– The week since I started taking them, I felt like I was "old".

Jemma said she had been taking supplements for about a month before noticing that her nails, skin and skin had improved as well.

– Vitamin D3 and keratin have also helped me with insomnia. At night I no longer felt so anxious and my immunity improved – the British concluded.

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