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Republic / Spider veins, itching, bad breath! There are only some signs that this body cancels!

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Although most commonly thought that liver disease is mostly apparent by itching and plump skin, there are other signs that indicate that this vital organ has something wrong, Health24 states.

Nobody attracts attention to those changes and they are dangerous! If you notice this in some language, you have a serious problem!

Here are some signs that something is wrong with the liver:

Skin scars

You will probably not take the scalp seriously until a rash appears. However, itching of the skin may occur even when gallbladder stones are found in the bloodstream due to liver damage. When your gallbladder is blocked, the juices of the bile stagnate and return to the blood stream. They accumulate under the skin and cause itching.

The liver is a body that can regenerate damaged cells, but after permanent damage this cell will not recover, which can lead to cirrhosis. When this happens, signs and symptoms of liver damage will be significantly more serious

Spider veins

These small capillaries are divided into the shape of a spider under the skin. This is due to elevated estrogen levels in the body, indicating that the liver does not function properly and does not metabolize the hormones. This condition usually occurs on the face and feet due to arterial spread.

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Frequent injuries and bleeding

If you discover that you have an injury more often than before and that you are more intensely bleeding when you are injured, this may be a sign that your liver is not healthy. The proteins you need to get blood on time are no longer produced in sufficient quantities.

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Bad breath

Bad breath can point to many health problems, such as sinusitis or gum disease, but it can be a serious sign of liver injury. An unpleasant smell from the mouth during liver failure is also known as fetal hepatitis. Namely, there is an unpleasant odor in exacerbations caused by high levels of dimethylsulfide that occurs in the blood when it suffers from cirrhosis.

Bad breath is just one signal that the liver does not do its job properly

Hyperpigmentation of the face

Unusually brown pigmentation on the face may occur if the liver is working slowly or not. When the liver does not function properly, estrogen increases in the system. This releases a tyrosinase, a copper containing enzyme, to produce more melanin, or pigment that causes facial or other body parts.

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Red palms

Red palms on which your goals may be a sign of liver damage. This condition occurs as a result of an abnormal blood hormone level.

The brain can be directly hit

Lack of concentration

Two of the most significant liver functions are detoxification and energy delivery to the body. When the blood is overloaded with toxins, which is a consequence of liver disease, the brain can be directly hit. If this is combined with slow energy metabolism, you will find an answer to why you are tired and why you lose concentration.

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