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Research shows that the lack of this metal in the body of a child can be the cause of autism telegraph

The lack of this metal can affect the onset of autism in early development

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Autism is one of the most respected diseases of the new age. Although it is a genetic disorder, scientists have shown that its formation can be affected by the lack of zinc in the body during early creature development.

The exact cause of autism is still unknown, but its appearance is linked to genetic factors and environmental causes, including zinc deficiency.

The research published in Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience shows that as much as 100 percent is known whether zinc deficiency is contributing to autism, but scientists have defined a possible mechanism for that.

The study showed that it was Zinc is an integral part of the brain cell, neurons emerged during early development through complex molecular motions, controlled by genes linked to autism.

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Sally Kim from Stanford University points out that autism is associated with certain genetic variants involved in the formation, maturation and stabilization of synapse during early development.

"Our findings link zinc levels to neurons through interactions with proteins encoded for these genes responsible for autism," Kim said.

They will find it Zinc generates the characteristics of synapse development through certain proteins suggests that the lack of this mineral material during early development can potentially contribute to the onset of autism.

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Researcher Craig Garner of the German Center for Neurodegenerative Disease states that there are currently no controlled studies on the risk of autism and the introduction of zinc in pregnant women or babies.

"It's too early for the recommendations, but I believe in the experimental work on the autistic model that was released," he said.

You should be careful because too much zinc can reduce the amount of copper that absorbs the body, which can lead to anemia and weak bones.

Lack of zinc does not mean that we do not have enough, maybe it's about absorption problems in the gut.

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