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Return of the legend Volkswagen Deserta –

Giant Giant Volkswagen has revealed another concept of a completely electric car to its premiere in Eneve.

Photo: VW

Photo: VW

The original Buggy was made by the American Bruce Meyers in 1964, who sought an alternative to "dip" a 4×4 drive to navigate through California dunes.

This is the I.D Buggy inspired by American desert bugs that were based on VW Bubbles in the 1960s and 1970s.

Elektrickni Buggy sits on the MEB platform (Modular Electric Toolkit), and a new member of Volkswagen fully launches I.D. family.

Like the original version, Buggy can also boast a solid design with huge arches above the ground, a cabin without doors, a robust "roller".

The first insects showed scent over the desert on the Mexican Peninsula of Baha California, and then celebrated stars like Steve McQueen and Elvis Presley.

However, unlike the original "bag" with which the engine was disturbed in the rear and had a drive on the rear axle, the electron probably would have two electric motors and a four-wheel drive.

VW has not published specifications in terms of power and autonomy, nor did it find out if it is planning serial production.

Great diva made I.D. Buggy first demonstrated the universality of the power of the MEB platform and its prospects in the future.

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