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Samsung's Perfect Par – QLED TV and Soundbar | telegraph

Although they work perfectly and when they are separated, this Samsung agrees with pepper, song and dance, as a hug and a kiss. It can be said to complement each other, upgrade and improve everything to maximize the enjoyment of the end user. "Romeo and Juliet" in Samsun's direction, of course, with a happy ending, means the QLED TV line with spectacular soundboards during watching the favorite TV content

Samsung soundbar

Photo: Samsung

This year Samsung introduced a strong QLED TV line of 8K and 4K. Efficiency and the innovative technology applied to these devices brings a new dimension of reality to the home user.

Listening to the needs of consumers, the South Korean giant went a step further, so it can rightly be said that it is not just about some ordinary TVs.

This TV line has a 4K and 8K Quantum Processor technology that, based on artificial intelligence, controls the brightness of the screen and sound, providing the most optimal experience.

In the translation, content of lower resolution moves to image quality whose resolution can be from 4K to 8K. "Quantum Dot" technology contributes to the amazing impression of reality, thanks to which it emits even a billion colors, and visibility is one hundred percent in dark and bright frames.

Samsung soundbar

Photo: Samsung

Let's say, if a user wants to cook while watching television, "Ultra Viewing Angle" lets you watch beautiful shades and sharp images from any angle. Even at a certain angle, from the kitchen.

Samsung has long been a black screen passé, so with "ambience" QLED TVs fill the living room with decorative content and useful daily information.

The New Bixby feature enables users to easily access content through voice commands on the Samsung Universal Guide. Intelligent "AI upscaling" machine learning technology analyzes and enhances every person regardless of the type of content with the aim of optimizing each scene, and thanks to the perfect Contrast Control of the "Direct-Full-Array" function, each part of the image revives.

As for design, minimalist design and elegant design fit perfectly into any interior.

So, this is the latest "scream" of technology, but for the culmination of home hedonism and fun with QLED TV, Samsung Soundbar goes perfect, which comes with the perfect 5.1.2 channel surround sound up and down.

Samsung soundbar

Photo: Samsung

Provides a huge "surround sound" thanks to integrated, up and down-running controls. "Acoustic Beam" technology does not allow the sound to be silent and perfect for movies and games, as it gives the sound that looks like it is exactly where the action on the screen occurs.

Hip-hop entertainment is also contributed by "object" technology that assigns each sound position, ie a point in a three-dimensional space. When people are sleeping while watching an action movie with blasts, flare and noise, the sound adjustment feature allows clear-cut characters in the movie to be heard crystal clear, regardless of the dull sound of the home because the intelligent sound bar automatically improves.

Panoramic sound ensures that everything is heard in every corner of the room, and thanks to the dedicated loudspeaker with a medium channel that provides balanced sound, a crystal-clear conversation from one end of the room to the other is heard. Of course, they come with the ability to connect wirelessly to the TV using a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.

Designed to be minimal and slim, which is another reason why they are perfectly compatible with the QLED TV line. More details on this ideal pair can be found at https://www.samsung.com/rs/tvs/qled-tv/highlights/ as well as at https://www.samsung.com/rs/audio-video/ soundbar /.


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