Thursday , June 24 2021 / RS / Fuel cheaper for five to six dinars

Thus, gasoline will drop from 158 to 152 dinars, and diesel from 171 to 166 dinars. Due to lower crude oil prices in the world over the past two weeks, gasoline fell for three dinars per liter, while diesel prices fell by two dinars in the same period. According to experts, this trend will continue and expect next week gas and diesel to be cheaper by another dinar per liter.

"The price of the pipe is $ 72, and obviously American sanctions have not brought Iran up to a big jump on crude oil, which is still expected to have no major disturbances on the oil market, so oil that previously bought oil from which we sell fuel in the coming for days petrol and diesel will be cheaper, "says journalist Jelica Putniković.

Due to large oscillators, the oil price in the current year for citizens is reduced by invisible.

"How often the oil price falls, and this is just the first reduction in fuel."

"I think somewhere in the area cheaper, somewhat more expensive, I think it might be cheaper, it keeps rising"

"I do not buy or cheaper, I buy for 1,000 dinars and finish my job," citizens say.

According to experts, the large oscillation of crude oil prices should not be until the end of this year, and therefore no price increase should be expected.

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