Friday , April 23 2021

Simi: I'm sorry for the change, it would have changed the flow of me

Football star Veljko Simi, or for failure in Napoli with Napoli 1: 0.

Source: B92, Beta

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Simi said that his team played well in San Paolo.

"After winning against Liverpool, the appetites have grown, we are not happy with the loss, no matter how we did in the good light and showed a good match especially in the second half. In the last 30 minutes we were a dangerous team but unfortunately it was not enough to turn in every game today it means " He said Shimmy.

Asked by journalists about cheap targets, Simi said his team was not afraid.

"We were not afraid, this is a fantastic team, it does not know where the danger is threatened, the goals, the reactions were not level but the League Amps and I missed a big team for equalization, I did not react the same way I wanted it, the ball did not go Where I wanted it, it is my fault, I am aware that this will change my course, but it has to go further, added the Starlight link.

The star in the last round awaiting PS on December 11, should win a place in the Europa League.

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