Friday , April 16 2021

Stable epidemiological situation in gerontological centers in Vojvodina


Of the 7,500,000 users housed in state and private gerontology centers in Vojvodina, 80 percent have been vaccinated, according to the competent provincial secretariat. This resulted in a much more favorable epidemic situation, as currently infected infections were confirmed in 83 users, while in early December there were about 700 cases.

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The Gerontology Center in Novi Sad was the first in Vojvodina to start vaccinating its users and employees, so the epidemiological situation in that institution is stable and visits are possible, says the director of that institution, Slavica Škrbić.

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“We currently have about 95% of vaccinated users, the response of users is very good and anyone interested if someone changes their mind will not have problems with vaccination. 1.13 There are no infected users and 500 employees outside, only 6. are infected. With administrative workers who were not in contact with users. “

At the provincial level, the epidemiological situation in gerontology centers is assessed as stable. Vaccination covered 80% of the users and this gave results, they say in the relevant provincial secretariat, stating that before immunization they had about 700 users positive for kovid 19.

“To date, we have 83 coronavirus-positive users, as well as 83 employees who have also been diagnosed with covid. Most of them are asymptomatic and cared for,” said Maja Nikic Raljic of the provincial secretariat for social welfare policy, demography and gender equality.

In institutions where there are no positive results for the corona virus, it is possible to organize visits, adds Raljić.

“All institutions where there is no confirmed covid virus and where users have been vaccinated and vaccinated and where at least a week has passed since the vaccine can organize visits. Visits are organized both outdoors and indoors, depending on the organization’s capacity and capabilities.”

Indoor visits are organized in special rooms and are limited to 45 minutes, while outdoor visits can last a maximum of 90 minutes. All visits must be announced in advance and carried out in accordance with epidemiological measures.

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