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Swiss Scientists Revolutionary Achievement: Aggressive Breast Cancer Turns to Fat

Experts from the University of Basel have succeeded in forcing breast cancer cells to turn into fat and thus become completely harmless.


Illustration / Photo: Depositphotos / Vitanovsky

Illustration / Photo: Depositphotos / Vitanovsky

To achieve such a network, the nauni team followed the curious path of metastatic cancer cells. Their success is only the first step, but progress is very promising.

When you sow the finger or when the fetus begins to form organs, the epithelial cells begin to change into one type of mother cell called the mesenchymal mother cell, which then turns into tissue formation that the body needs.

This process is known as epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT), and it has been known for some time that cancer cells, through this or the opposite process, mesenchymal-epithelial transition (MET) will be able to pass through the body and metastasize.

For this reason, researchers instilled the aggressive form of this breast cancer and then treated the mice with two drugs, "rosiglitazone" and "trametinib." Thanks to drugs, cancer cells, instead of going through the process of metastasis, have turned into fat cells through a process called adipogenesis.

"The results show that therapy has caused adipogenesis in cancer cells," the study said.

Despite this, not all cancer cells turned into fats, they remained.

"Malignant cells that have undergone EMT have completely stopped irritating. What we have seen in long-term experiments is that there is no reverse process after the cancer cells are turned into fat cells," noted the biochemist at the University of Basel, Gerhard Kristofori. .

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