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Denver basketball players have subscribed to this season's incredibly dramatic finishes. After an unreal turnaround against Philadelphia, this time they were the actors of another sensational game in which they beat Minnesota after a 100-98 overtime, with Serbian center Nikola Jokic being the Nagets' most respected player, though he was not on his recognizable level. But … When it's hard – Jokic! Somborac hits the end of extra time to win his team!

Nicholas was nowhere in his double or triple-double performance as he recorded 20 points, six rebounds and seven assists, and one of the reasons for the Timberwolves' duel was a play-off game with a very poor shot percentage. Minnesota, in particular, was desperate for three-point shots.

In the final, fourth quarter, Denver came in with an advantage. The team was led by Michael Meloun with 90:76, ​​and almost everyone at the Target Center was convinced Minnesota would go bent in the locker room. But … Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins didn't think so! The Minneapolis first stars made the series 16-0 in six minutes and reached a tie, taking their team into overtime!

The Denver players seemed to be in awe of them! They couldn't hit anything! Hand to heart, both teams were desperate for a shot! The Nagets shot 39-101 and 38.6 percent for two, and 11-28 and 39.3 percent for three, respectively. The Timberwolves shot 34-97 by two and 35.1 percent, respectively, and the Trojans 6-45. 13.3 percent!

In an extra five minutes Denver fixed it, Will Barton hit two triples 98-94 for Denver. Then Okogi reduced it to 98:96, the Nagets carried out two attacks, so Convington hit 98:98.

And then the ball finally went into the hands of Nikola Jokic. He played his back against Towns and hit! Nikola knocked the ball out of one leg out of the net! Denver went 100: 98. It took 2.4 seconds for the scoreboard to finish. Two interruptions for Minnesota ensued, but there was still not enough time to do something more serious. Okogi tried to hit the threesome but failed!

So Jokic, while not playing perfectly this season, is once again a Denver hero! Just like against Philadelphia, the Serb hit for a win and a big celebration for his team!

Denver currently scores 7-2 and Minnesota 5-4. The next game the Nagets play is the night between Tuesday and Wednesday against Atlanta.

To conclude, Jokic scored 20 points in 36 minutes (9-23 from the game, 1-7 for three) and recorded seven assists, six rebounds and one block each and was stolen! Barton recorded 13 points and 12 rebounds, Milsap 14 points and 10 interceptions. He scored 25 points and 16 rebounds on the other side, with six assists for Towns, while scoring the same number of points. Wiggins.

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