Tuesday , May 18 2021

Tesla Model Y gets its rivals that will be worth the price

Tesla Model Y will not have the easy task of winning a pot because the competition is growing in this segment.

After Riviana, Teslin's electric crossover got one of the American competitors from Fisker.

The Fisker SUV was limited in the second half of 2021, and the main adut of an unnamed model would have been under $ 40,000.

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According to the first design photographs, the Fisker crossover has a stylish design with chrome detail, large suction air, massive bumper and thin futuristic lights.

Fiskera says the model has an attractive design that was previously only reserved for super cars.

There is no performance detail, but it is known to have a lithium-ion battery of 80 kWh, which should provide an autonomy of 500 km.

It is expected to have a four-wheel drive with two engines, one for each axle.

Fisker also announces the separation of a roof-style roof, which should not affect the safety and structure of this SUV.

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