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That's what Škoda Kamiq looks like

After discovering the name of its urban crossover last week, Škoda announced the first sketches of the Kamiq model.

And Kamiq has a front mask that represents a branded brand from Young Boleslav, with two light groups separated horizontally.

The upper group serves as a DRL with dynamic direction indicators, and is separated by double-spoke Lamborghini SUV models.

The Kamiq has a sports line with a slightly tilted roof behind the B stupa, while on the back is dominated by the Škoda inscription between the C-shaped light column.

The appearance of the exterior completes the silver finishing of roof rails and aluminum wheels.

Kamiq has been developed on Volkswagen Group MQB A0 and is essentially a cousin of the already featured VW T-Cros and Seat Aron.

Škoda's complicated SUV will share buses with the B SUV segment of the group and probably have only a front axle drive.

Kamiq will initially be limited to the European market, and sales will begin soon after the premiere at the Geneva Motor Show, which begins on March 5th.

Meanwhile, more details of this switch, perhaps even complete specifications, are expected.

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