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The Belgrade Assembly adopted a decision on the tax rate

Members of the Assembly in Belgrade have issued a Decision on the amount of property tax which, according to Deputy Mayor Goran Vesić, tax in most urban areas will be lower, while in the center will be higher by two percent.

At the session of the City Assembly Vesić said tax in most of the city areas was lower because real estate prices are falling due to large housing construction.

"Real estate prices in the city center, but not the center of the tax, will not increase by more than two percent, because we set such a limit," the deputy mayor said.

Saying that the zoning system is not best regulated because the same tax system has those living in new buildings, weekends and "ordinary" houses, Vesich said that pilot projects in Vracar and Savska Voda, in which each building individually evaluates.

"Each building will be individually assessed and depending on whether it has any connection, whether near the road, whether it is newer or older, has its own tax rate. If it turns out to be positive, I hope that by 2019, this year we can apply this system throughout Belgrade, "the deputy mayor said.

Deputy Head of the Alliance for Serbia Nikola Jovanovic said that in 2013 property taxes on property taxes amounted to RSD 5.5 billion, and today it is between RSD 16 and 17 billion.

"Property tax for individuals is dramatically increasing in Belgrade since 2013, and it is estimated that it can be increased by 80 percent in 2014, 2015 and 2016. The tax increases three times, the question is whether new year lighting will pay three million euros or a gondola of 15 million euros, "Jovanovic said.

On behalf of the League of Alliance for Serbia, he proposed that the property tax in Belgrade for 2019 not grow and that the City and Government of Serbia agree that families will be exempt from paying property taxes in which the ruling majority does not accept.

The deputy mayor was denied Jovanovic's claims, saying that "only the one who does not know the rules and the laws can speak it".

"Property tax has never been increased by 70 or 80 percent since 2013. When we took over the power in Belgrade, we were waiting for the proposal of former mayor Dragan Đilas to increase taxes by 140 percent in the city center, Dedinje by 203 percent, and Petlov's Hill for 164 percent, of course we did not accept it, "Vesich said.

Djilas: 50 percent less crane than 2012

The head of the Union for Serbia Dragan Đilas said that according to official data of the City in 2012 will be 843,170 square meters, 780,230 in 2013 and 405,025 square meters in 2015, which is said to drop by more than 50%.

"In 2016, 405,872 square meters were built in Belgrade, which is slightly less than 50 percent compared to 2012. So much for the number of cranes you are taking," Djilas said.

The start of the session marked the debate on the motion of members of the Free Movement Movement to supplement the agenda of the session by passing a decision condemning a physical assault on one of the leaders of the Union for Serbia Borko Stefanovic, "as well as on all other acts of violence that begin against political actors, to political orientation and affiliation. "

The Serbian advisory group for the Advanced Party has submitted an amendment to the PSG proposal, which in addition to the attack on Stefanovic also condemns "calls for the murder of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić and Serbian Prime Minister Anom Brnabic, calls for the rape of Ane Brnabic and the public mark of Aleksandar Vučić through the traitor's epitome" 39 by a number of Union officials for Serbia.

The lawyer of lawyer Aleksandar Mirkovic condemned the attack on Stefanovic and said that the SNS "strongly opposes any kind of violence".

"There is no room for violence in our society, they are pleased to be arrested for attacking Borko Stefanovic and last night they were detained for 30 days, they are sure to receive a punishment," Mirkovic said and demanded that the violence be "condemned" to all who today lead Serbia and from the ranks of the Serbian Progressive Party ".

PSD deputy Rade Veljanovski said he would give up on the proposed conclusion, though, as he said, the reason for this is not a supplement to the SNS.

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