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The boy Snežana Đurišić has moved into her VILA, and for one thing she works ALL WORK OKO!


07/04/2019. 00:48

They do not like it.

Snežana Đurišić with partner Vanjko Milošević

Snežana Đurišić with partner Vanjko Milošević, photo: Alo! / Nenad Vujanovic

Snezana Đurišić started life together with former Milošević, with whom she has been in a consistent relationship for more than a year.

Although they had lived in separate homes until recently, gynecologist Vanja Milosevic, the son of Snezana Đurišić, now moved to the singing luxurious villa in Jajinci, which Snezana built with his late husband Slobodan Gvozdenovic, writes "The World."

Several times she mentioned her feel lonely in the empty villa, remind her husband and make her sad, and her friends are very pleased that Vanja has moved to her. Even driving her car are literally inseparable – the source said, adding:

– Snowman has the maximum confidence in him because he is a serious, reputable and educated man. Although he has a lot of responsibilities at the hospital where he is working, it's hard to take her to the movie theater and come to her. Some even think it does not suit a doctor, but Vanyi does not mind. He is accomplished, confident in himself, and is not shy of showing the attention and emotions towards the woman with whom he is.

Snežana Đurišić

Snežana Đurišić, photo: Rajko Ristić / Alo!

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