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The drug was overthrown by the daughter for payment!


30/11/2018. 08:33

Ferdi Jashari, 22, was arrested after the death of her daughter Leonore in the Zemun Hospital due to a serial fracture of ribs and numerous blood vessels over her head

Father Monstrum, Ferdi Jashari

Father Monster, Ferdi Jashari, Photo: Facebook printscreen

Monster Ferdi Jashari (22) was arrested yesterday for suspicion of murdering his six-month-old daughter, Leonora, who died in KBC Zemun for serious injuries after his father's shootings and poetry! The autopsy reveals that the baby has a serial fracture of the ribs and numerous scars of blood on the head and arms, but also the old injuries to abuse!

The child was admitted to the hospital on November 23 and died on November 26 in a terrible pain. He was buried Wednesday, November 28, at the Sremčica graveyard.

Yashari is suspected of hitting his baby and hitting his fist until he loses consciousness because he is bothered by what he cries! The child was seriously injured after the KBC Zemun and died in the worst pain despite the physician's efforts to save him. Ferdinand's mother, Aphrodite, reported to the police immediately after her granddaughter was baptized, as she admitted what she had done.

He admitted that the child had once struck a fist. He told me he slept and woke up the baby's salary. He was nervous because he had no drugs and raised his hand to the baby. Serena Milena told me that she was watching him fight a child, but he was afraid to report to the police. Milena called urgent help, saying "the baby is not good," but she was silent. The hospital noticed that the child was injured and informed the police. When she went to check what happened, Milena introduced her husband as a neighbor! She told me it was out of fear, until I suspect he wanted to protect him! – says Aphrodite Jashari, the mother of the suspect, adding that before her funeral she noticed her son behaved strangely.

Father Monstrum, Ferdi Jashari

Father Monster, Ferdi Jashari, Photo: Facebook printscreen

– Ferdi was drunk at the funeral! I took him sideways and asked, "What is the matter with you, why was the police and why an autopsy was made?" I thought he was tired but he turned out to be the culprit! He said, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm shaking my conscience." I immediately told him that I would report him and have to respond to the crime and he said, "That's right, I have no place to hide." I warned him, Your granddaughter will not blame me or be forced to roar in the country, and you will be in prison! You are my son, but you will judge him from the top, "said Afrodit, who was urgently arriving in Zeleznik from a temporary job in Germany when her husband just told her four days later that Leonora had a stomach virus, and shortly thereafter died suddenly.

– Ferdi had been wonderful before, but he was caught in a bad company and started to be a drug addict. Married to Milena he received the son of Acua, who is now five years old. He watched him and kept him as a little water in his palm, and Leonori evaluated him from pure peace because his medicine destroyed his brain! "The mother of the arrested young man is openly speaking.

As we learned on the spot, Jashari is in the region where he is known for violent behavior.

– Yashari likes to drink, and when drunk, he does not rule! Milena once reported him for domestic violence because she also mistreated her child. We were avoiding associating with him because he was the nature of nature. Once with his hammer he literally opened his head, and after that hid himself from him and the police who asked for it. The house came only at night – say the neighbors we met yesterday in front of our family home in Zemun.

When he was arrested, he recognized the crime. He was held in custody up to 48 hours, after which he will be brought to the Public Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade with a criminal investigation report.

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