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"The future of Serbia is a timely bomb" (VIDEO) – Society

Exhibition and discussion of cartoonist Dušan Petričić, author of "I'm Just Watching You – 12 Posters" in Valjevo

This evening is not dedicated to me but Vučić. All that Korak and I do is motivated by this completely Schizophrenic government headed by Vučić. Because of this, we have not had the motive of our cartoons with us for a long time here.

Photo: New optimism

This is the story of Dušan Petricic, a cartoonist, an attractive and healing gift for himself and others – an exhibition and forum by Dušan Petricic, "I just see you", held in Valjevo on the old railway station Platou.

He pointed out that it is necessary to "take away" President Aleksandar Vučić, to deny the cartoonists Predrag Koraksic and Koraks and his subjects and motives.

Vesna Pešić, a sociologist, noted that while President Vučić led the "Future of Serbia" campaign, Petričić published a cartoon showing government-related representatives at the pace of the bomb.

"We sit on a timed bomb that is waiting to explode at any time, there is no future," Pešić said.

Photo: NUNS

Branka Prpa, a historian, said that we were a society in horrible regression.

"As a historian, I claim with the responsibility that in recent history Serbia did not have such politicians, the worst," Prpa pointed out.

Ljubodrag Stojadinović, a journalist, outlined Petricic's cartoon depiction of President Vučić, who in his bed with General Serbia explained that he was therefore proclaimed a popular foe in tabloids.

"National enemies Petričić has been declared a national enemy, Dusko is our best friend," Stojadinovic said.

For Aida Ćorović, activists, Petričić and Korakšić's cartoons are healing.

"If we, dear citizens, are better, our politicians will be better," she said, adding that it is important for the citizens to encourage each other.

Vesna Mališić, a journalist and deputy editor-in-chief of NIN, said that in each conversation, Vučić will be named NIN as an enemy. She pointed out that it was due to the cartoon of Dušan Petričić.

Photo: NUNS

The panel was led by journalist Danica Vucenic, and the event was organized by NIN, New Optimism and Today.

At the beginning of the forum, it was also emphasized that Mayor Valjevo "likes to make money for Belgrade's tabloids to write good about him, and Valjevo freely supports the Today List", and then the gathered citizens of Valjevo raised the weekend edition of the Day at the exhibition and stalls in hand.


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