Friday , March 5 2021

The girl publicly wrote to Biković that he wanted to rape him, and his answer broke Instagram! (PHOTO) | telegraph

Milos photographs that they are delighted with girls, Photo: Instagram / bikovic

Milos Bikovic has released a photo after a massage after a massage, with an intricate comment:

Sleep on a massage – you look like you cried with acid … # acid (I just wrote this heshee just to see if there is, do not go in there)!

Many comments followed what is in Serbian, which is in Russian, since Milos became a big star in Russia, and the girls mostly said that she was nice, handsome and would like to meet him.

Yet another bravado from the other Bikovica wrote a comment that increased Instagram!

Violate me! a girl wrote, but no one was hoping for an acting response. Especially not like this!

Well, not rape if you look … Bikovic replied.

However, when she saw how many comments she had launched, the girl wrote: "I'm kidding, you're pretty," and Milos responded, "I'm joking, of course, thank you and greet you!"

The girl has boldly expressed her wish, and Milos's answer was not absent, Printskrin: Instagram / bikovic

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