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The Serbian Army has shown in the maneuvers that a small country has a great combat power! (VIDEO)

The Serbian Army has been practicing because it has practiced the whole of Europe these days. The Serbian Army has demonstrated technological technological progress in high technology development, good training and a high level of combat technology. That 8,000 soldiers in the field, in exercise exercises, is not a big deal for bigger countries, says Miroslav Lazanski, and reports Politika.

Hundreds of years since the Great War in the First World War, Serbia was the site of the largest inter-military military exercise ever since a new army exists. About 8,000 members, 645 combat systems, including 100 tanks, 100 infantry vehicles, 100 artillery and rocket systems, and land and PVOs, participate in maneuvers at ten locations all over the country, from north to south. The main headquarters moved to the warship, marched on a general gun and fired at several military bases, eagle planes and G-4 fought aircraft, migrated 29 miles, six immigrants, 29 Mi-8 helicopters and Mi-17 as and "gazelles" armed with anti-tank missiles "mallutka".

They sailed and fired Officers of the "innocent" class guards armed with new 30 mm balls on bow, desert and patrol boats on Tisu. At Zvornik, commanders who landed from amphibians were fearless. The underpasses were also included in the protection of the river fleet in Tisza. Both were part of the pontoon site, the bridge was set over the river, and after a long time we saw that tanks crossed the bridge consisting of elements moving from the truck. The exercises were attended by all the brigades as well as the 72nd Special Brigade.

What is certainly a good news compared to some of the earlier exercises and maneuvers is that the movement of complete units from quarters to exercise grounds or exercises is carried out by formative means of transport, while the M-84 tanks, M-80 infantry vehicles are transported by trains and Railways. In earlier years, soldiers of armored troops on pitcher meadows should simply be put in trucks or buses for five years to be where five to six armored vehicles M-84 and MVP-80 M-80 are stationed. Still, this is not the same as when you have to get a tow truck or a train wagon. Especially not when you do not ride on the exercise ground, or do not get out of the tank.

From the weapons and tools that have seen the largest military exercises ever seen in the history of modern Serbia, the "Nora B-52" self-propelled traction vehicle attracted the attention of the "Lazar-3" infantry vehicles and the two PVO systems "pasars-16" or "terminator". True, the M-84 tanks have not been modernized since 1990, and since the 1990s there are also M-80 pedestrian combat vehicles, but now they are busy. From the JNA model, the M-84 tanks, the M-80 infantry vehicles, the 122 mm "iron" self-propelled conveyors, the Giraffe system radar, the PVO "Cub" system, but modernized, all from the JNA arsenal, the Eagle aircraft and G-4, as well as the Mi-8 helicopters and gazelles from the JNA arsenal. A complete river fleet of JNA arsenals, nests and amphibians, new rubber boats, donations of China. New rifle rifles, new mortar rifles and night optoelectronic devices, all from the "1500" program, as well as equipment and weapons for emergency intervention are also visible. Night optoelectronics will significantly increase the combat ability of the Nightmare Army.

Exercises have shown that "Nora B-52" self-propelled bumps are heavily scorched in our country, and not just in Myramar, Kenya and Bangladesh, which bought them all, and that a new car charger for "Crazy B-52" passed the exam. I do not know how much we managed to play at least the simulation of the "digital battalion" in these exercises. It sounds modern, "proclaimed" and "interoperable". Some believe that technology can scatter "fog of war". So there is an idea to form a "digital" battalion against conventional power on maneuvers. American experience shows that such a battalion, which had incredible technical equipment, has done miserable results because its soldiers were heavily handicapped with the equipment and time needed to input data. In addition, most of the existing conflicts are waterfalls of guerrillas, inter-ethnic hostilities or terrorism. No computer screen can convey the perfect information whether enemy soldiers are tired, hungry or just scared. If the tank is near the hospital, the soldier needs more firm judgment than computer technology, because we do not have virtually any "surgical" moves. "Fagot", "Maverick" …

Creating capable combat forces requires decades of investment and effort. It is not necessary, outside mode, to rush to the military revolution before we clarify the problems of decentralization or the centralization of power in the armed forces. There are ideas to return a strict armor unit, at least one armored brigade. What again depends on the total number of tanks in the military, because we also have mechanized brigades in which the containers are.

So the Serbian army practiced, because it has practiced the whole of Europe these days. The Serbian Army has demonstrated technological technological progress in high technology development, good training and a high level of combat technology. Having 8,000 army members in the field, in brigade exercises, is not a big deal for bigger countries. As the first World War II operations began with the break-up of the Serbian army on the very territory of Thessaloniki, the series of this year's military exercises in Europe ends with the Army of Serbia.

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By: Miroslav Lazanski

Source: Politics

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