Sunday , May 16 2021

The Spaniards caused a storm – the so-called Kosovo received the anthem, but without a name

Although it was announced that Spanish television would not broadcast the anthem of the so-called Republic of Kosovo, that plan was not respected, but, as Sputnik reports, another was realized that let Spain know what it thinks about itself – a proclaimed state.

Spain and the so-called Kosovo played a duel in the third round of qualifications for the World Cup in Qatar on Wednesday.

During the day, local media reported that the Football Association of Spain would ban the broadcast of the anthem of the self-proclaimed state, as well as that the coat of arms, flag and name would not be seen in the broadcast.

The television that has the right to broadcast this match, however, published the anthem of the so-called Kosovo in a live show.

The flag and coat of arms could not be seen, and the plan was respected so that commentators would not mention the word “Kosovo” at any time, but would call Spain’s opponent the “Football Association of Kosovo”, according to Sputnik.

What caught the viewers’ attention the most was the way in which the so-called Kosovo was presented in a graph showing the result.

While for Spain the usual abbreviation “ESP” was written in capital letters, the so-called Kosovo got its “black”, but – in small letters.

Many different comments could be read on social media soon after. Some pointed out that the Spaniards did not dare to express disrespect for the so-called Kosovo, while others said that they proved ridiculous because they did not follow the plan, that is, because they played the anthem of an unrecognized state.

As for the game itself, it passed without incident on the field, and the Red Fury achieved a 3: 1 victory.

The question of the winner was practically resolved after the first 45 minutes, as the host came to a convincing advantage with goals from Dani Olmo and Ferran Torres in just two minutes.

Members of the so-called Kosovo national team managed to reduce the gap in the 70th minute with a goal from almost half of the field, after a big mistake by young goalkeeper Unai Simon, but only five minutes later Gerard Moreno set the final score, reports Sputnik.

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