Saturday , September 21 2019
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The spider took 100 cars from Ušće

Over the last night, according to a commission of communal inspectorate and traffic police, more than 100 improperly parked cars have been removed, from the walkways and green areas at the Ušće, according to the Parking Service.

In extraordinary deals, luxury cars and jeeps are also supplied with spikes, which shows that no one is privileged and that the regulations must be respected, according to a statement by the Parking Service.

Director of Public Utility Company Andrija Čupković invited drivers to comply with the regulations.

"For several years in a row, we are proving this and many similar actions in Belgrade that we are not protected and that we are a party to the order," he said.

improper parking, spider, parking lotSource: JKP Parking Service

According to the MUP and Inspectorate's orders, all who violate the law are removed, and thank you sharper criminal policy We are determined to investigate in order to preserve this order, said Čupkovic.

"We will not allow boasting of some jeeps during the night destroying the parks where our kids play during the day." "Because someone has a jeep and is parked on Usa does not mean it's protected," he said.

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