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The train hit a car, injured a car driver! | Serbia

Borna Coric photo: EPA

Ćorić gave up Wimbledon

Croatian tennis player did not recover from back injury he felt at the tournament in Halle, where he dropped out in the quarterfinals

Micotakis calls on the Greeks to come out and vote

The leader of the largest opposition party in Greece, New Democracy, urged the citizens of that country to come out and vote in the forthcoming parliamentary elections on July 7

Participants of the protest / Foto N. Fifić

PROTEST IN BELGRADE: Call for a boycott of elections

The 30th protest "One in Five Miles", Srdjan Markovic, Nikola Jovanovic, and Srdjan Milivojevic was held at the Terazije Fountain, which all opposition parties called boycott of the election


Lower the freezer with the fan

The fan can be of great help when defrosting the freezer, but you must make sure that the live wires do not come into contact with water and that the warm air does not damage the inside of the appliance

Nenad Sakić photo: N. Skenderija

"Orcs" fall

The results of the young soccer categories of the Serbian Football Association are getting harder by 2015. From the time of Ljubin Drulovic and Veljko Paunović, on the bench, the choice of frequent shifts

Photo: Printskrin

Markovic: All the delegations were horrified by the behavior of Pristina

The host of the meeting, Albania, tried to relativize the incident, but other delegations did not accept this attempt, stated head of CEFTA Delegation to Serbia Ivan Markovic

Illustration / Photo D. Dozet

The train hit a car, injured a car driver!

On the passage between Male Krsna and Požarevac, about 17 o'clock, the passenger train drove on a road vehicle

Aleksandar Vulin / Photo of Tanjuga

PS: Mustafa's immortal attempt to silence Vulin

The Socialist Movement estimates that the suit of Ragmi Mustafa against Aleksandar Vulina is another unsuccessful attempt by former members of the OVPBM to keep Vulin silence

Novak Djokovic photo: AP

Unsatisfying: Djokovic believes his best career played in the AO 2019 finals. T

Last year's triumph at Wimbledon is probably the most important for me in my career – said the world's best tennis player before the London Grand Slam began.


POGLED: This is the Serb who is the first victim of a terrible explosion in Vienna! (Photo)

Ana B. (29) from Big Plane, mother of two underage children, lived in a building where detonation exploded. A 22-year-old chef from the Austrian capital was shot dead and 15 injured, including one firefighter, injured.

Lazar Rosić photo: N. Paraušić

Rosić is looking for Moreirense

The defender played very well on the loan in Nacional and in Brag, whose player has already started offering bids for the Serbian stand

Vladan Milojevic photo: M. Vukadinović

Milojevic satisfied: a lot of good things, the result is not primary

I wanted to see how we stood with what I wanted to achieve from the very beginning of the preparation. There are some things we need to improve and we have time for it – says the Stars coach

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