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The Uruguayans are not bickering, they are an accident on the go! Suarez tragedy, Peru without semi-fixture (VIDEO)

There are times when you can not hit the ocean: Uruguayans are not returnees, they are an accident on the go! Suarez tragedy, Peru without semi-fixture (VIDEO)

Frustrated by Edinson Coffee

Football does not always win, says old sports commercials tonight embedded in the last quarter of the Copa America finals. Uruguay had more than one game in Salvador, had a chance to win 5: 0, but had an invisible force against him who simply brought Peruance to victory. Urus missed two incredible strings, three times their VAR signal was canceled due to the hinterland, at the end Luis Suarez took his back as a tragedy and missed the first set of penalty roulettes that killed the Peruvian to win 5: 4.

Unhappy, disappointing for neutral soccer fan, but if there is "the one" tonight, he has a good time at Urus. It is unbelievable that Uruguay did not celebrate at least two to three goals in the regular 90 minutes. It is as if all the gods of the football of the world were conspired against Urus. It's not a goalkeeper Pedro David Galese created the Peruvian goal. Not because Merlin is not such a wizard. That was something more than that. It's like a Lima Lime association dropped some sort of "joke" to Uruguayan attackers.

He announced all these rare failures Edinson Cavani from the 24th minute when Paris Saint-Germain's great granddaughter threw six feet up. The Uruguayans probably could not assume it was just the beginning.

However, the first goal is to cancel the Urus goal, more precisely Danijela De Araskaetehe came and looked. Nahitan Nandez was in the wrong position before the center and everything is fine. In fact, OK are the other two situations, but millimeters have decided and invited Uruguay fans to jump each other as they rub their hair and bark every saint they met. The first goal Cavani, then i Luisa Suareza, With the celebration race to the forum, only at the end, the camera would show one, and the other, watching the judge with sad eyes over his shoulder. At that speed it was impossible to say with certainty whether this or that position would be out of place, but even before the visitor could see the video material that the Urus knew – they have not been tried tonight. He felt that Diego Godin, something so coffee shop fought over a five or six meter wide throat.

And as it usually happens in such situations, there was a punishment. Peru, who did not show anything in Salvador, waited for the semifinals to decide on criminal penalties. Lottery, not quality. In view of all this, it was the only one that could push Peruana into place among the four leading in South America.

Already in the first series Luis Suarez "Perhaps the deadliest center for the planet," is terribly good Galesea, Terrible bad. Paulo Gerero affect. Uriacal heart muscle collapsed, burning as much as pain. They already knew that – it was not their night. Fernando Muslera is a great goalkeeper, short for eleven. Several times he was reading Peruana – in vain. All five hits ended in his net, and Peru went to semi-finals in Chile. In a very similar way he went there.


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