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These are key points for the insomnia problem

If you drop coffee, that does not mean you get insomnia. Also reducing the time in front of the screen will not affect sleep improvement.

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Photo: MitaStockImages / depositphotos

Photo: MitaStockImages / depositphotos

The founding of the Insomnia Clinic, Katherine Pinkham, said it was of the utmost importance for those with insomnia problems to understand that cause, San.

Rejection of coffee can bring you insomnia and believes that even shortening the time on the screen before bedtime will not help you sleep better.

She pointed out that every person with a sleep disorder knows that she has a dream instead of giving up the things she lives.

According to her, "the network is causing an episode of insomnia", whether it is emotional stress or illness. But in an attempt to sleep more, people will stop hanging, start wearing eyeglasses or pretending to go to bed.

"There is a problem here, not only did we begin to connect the bed with wakefulness, but it was still sleeping, but we also gave up many things we enjoy," she said.

Tips for a Better Dream:

– Do not spend too much time in bed. Get up early or later in bed.

– Set the time to raise and adhere. Early elevation will stimulate your body to bring it to standby time.

– Stop looking at the clock.

– Stop worrying. Sleep is not the only thing you can do to feel better.

– Try to leave the night behind and focus on the new day ahead.

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