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These are the most reliable cars and carmakers in 2019.

Audi A4 has been named the most reliable car in the UK.

FN50, a leading media brand for the vehicle and related industries, came to this conclusion.

The FN50 Reliability Index, which tracks car manufacturers and their models by the number of failures per 100 vehicles, estimated 606,762 car samples, and the results showed that the Audi A4 is currently the most reliable car on the market.

In fact, not only has the Audi model been declared the most reliable, but the list of 15 models includes two of its other models.

Audi, which dropped to 18th last year, climbed to 2nd place this year as the most reliable carmaker, a position it held from 2015 to 2017.

A4 has progressed slowly on the list in recent years, from 9th place in 2017 to 5th place last year and now occupies the first position.

German manufacturers mostly dominate the list of the most loyal and hold the first four places, not both.

See a complete list of the most reliable cars and manufacturers:

The most reliable models

Audi A4 Quattro

Photo: Audi

first Audi A4

else BMW 3 Series

the third BMW 5 Series

4th VW Golf

5th Honda Civic

6th Škoda Octavia (new model)

7th VW Passat

8th Kia Sportage

9th Mercedes-Benz E Class (new model)

10th Audi A1 (new model)

The most reliable companies

Germany earns BMW

Photo: Tanjug / Rade Prelic

first BMW

else Audi

the third Mercedes benz

4th VW

5th Honda

6th Toyota

7th Hyundai

8th Too bad

9th seat

10th Kia


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