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"This is a case of full violence" VIDEO

Milo Mileusni, murderer of a killer from Zvezdara, was buried in his hometown.

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Photo: Screenshot / First TV

Photo: Screenshot / First TV

Arguing in his assassination, Neelyak's testimony in the meantime changed his testimony and claims to the prosecutor that he did not kill Mila and that he was not even close to the street where the crime occurred.

Before that, the killing was received by the police, which he said was by chance

According to unofficial information, Neelyak's assassin, suspected of murdering Miletus Mileusnia, a fake dinner on social networks, video girls with another mud, made him angry.

After the assassination, he allegedly went to the Potansky weekend, where he fought with certainty, so police intervention had to be done, but he later helped identify him.

As more and more of the murder itself, the public was astonished by the fact that Milo Mileusni was accidentally murdered because he first came up this morning.

"It is not the first time that the explosion of these so-called" weather bombs, people who are normal for their environment, we did not expect this to happen, we did not expect it to do so. This is a case of full violence, so far, this is our information and information from the police, "says Milo. Lazi, black chronic journalist.

The first information on the suspicion of the attack was that it was not problematic, that he did not like violence and weapons, but had been acting strangely for the last ten days, but no one could suspect he was willing to kill someone.

"Strings can not be recognized without serious diagnosis. You can not even imagine it, no matter what you see, what we've been talking about, it seems that this person above the area does not seem smart, actually does not sound healthy. But this can not be safely said until certain measurements are performed properly, "says Vesna Tomi, a social psychologist.

However, as time passes, there is evidence that suspects have had problems with the law because of domestic violence, that is because they beat their mother and therefore had a ban on access. Also, his Facebook profile is full of gunshot photographs. It happens that people from the same world take the weapon and the chance to kill it before. In Jabukovac, a psychiatrist patient, confident that his chicks would be thrown away, killed nine people. In Velika Ivana Ljubija Bogdanov killed twelve chambers and a son.

"In Great John, the true motive, the clear motive of this crime has not been established, because man eventually chose himself, he also went from chicken to chicken and killed them from the automatic regiment, so how did he take the secret to the grave "Says Lazi.

And for the first time here came the information that it was a quiet man, but after a few days it was clear that the killer had been harassing family members for years.

"In any case, we do not psychologize much, it's a kind of psychopathology, either individual or social, that is, in certain situations, such reactions that usually result in murder or physical violence," says Tomieva.

The replacement surgeon suggested his neuropsychiatric Vetus after hearing the Nile case to find out if it was psychic for a healthy person.

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