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This plant can separate you from work for a month and a day

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Many citizens are not even aware of what is happening around them and how bad it is for some 30 percent of the population of the capital. Some people do not recognize them as dangerous or do not know it is recognizable. It is a weed plant – the Ambrose.

Mayor of Belgrade Zoran Radojicic spoke in an interview for "Alo" from the point of view of the doctor, but also the mayor when it comes to this not very funny plant, but also reflected on the level of his suppression.

Photo: Beoinfo / Promo

"As a doctor I know how serious health problems can cause. Some fellow citizens are prevented from doing a month and a half – the mayor explains the seriousness of allergy to this plant.

When it comes to its urban function, it is following the situation every week.

– City services address the problem of ambrosees in public spaces in all municipalities. Track and map areas where they have the most, then destroy them. The Biocide Department is in charge of tracking 320 hectares this year, and 120 hectares have destroyed its chemical destruction – says Radojicic.

Apart from suppressing the ambrose, it is important to educate the inhabitants.

"We have also launched actions aimed at citizens and municipalities, because it is important that everyone is involved in solving the problem of the ambrose," the Mayor concludes.

Ambrosia blooms until July 15th

The period of flowering of the ambrose is until July 15, and then it is time to take action on its suppression. By 20 June, monitoring was carried out on nearly 200 hectares and control of 50 hectares.

– It's important to work in time to destroy the amphora, as is the case in 2019. We do not expect to solve the problem now, because it is long-term and complex, I will be happy to make a move from last year – says Radojicic.

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