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Twitch Ninja scandal adult movies

"Upload" the most popular video streamer in the world from the Twitch platform to the Microsoft mixer, The old Tyler Blevins channel remained inactive. Twitch has somehow tried to exploit an inactive channel that is still visited by large numbers of people. This was not done by allowing viewers to view older posts, but by promoting "hardcore adult movies"!?

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Going to this player's Twitch profile will automatically display the most popular streams on the platform, and most recently the channel promoting pure pornography.

He discovered that Keemstar and shared on Twitter (NSFW). He soon learned of Ninja, who was appalled and stated that Twitch's approach to his departure was extremely unprofessional and that this type of promotion was only used on his channel – which could be some kind of Twitch platform for him personally. Ninja by the way he apologized to his fans that someone had to see such scenes.

This has not been done on any other channel that is inactive or offline, which Twitch sees as a desperate attempt to extract some of the glory of the most popular stream by promoting other channels.

Such outbursts and extremely blurry politics, he explains Play! zine, where someone is allowed to do this kind of work and others are severely punished, Twitch digs a pit for himself and makes room for a breakthrough mixer or other platforms, where Ninja is already slowly pushing towards two million subscribers.

The director of Twitch Company and Services apologized publicly to Ninja himself, but only after a long time had passed and the scandal toured the world …

Have you noticed any weird things with Twitch offline channels?

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