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VANDALISM IN TEMPERON: Burns truck and fire damaged house chronicle

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November 21, 2018 10:52 |

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Novosadska police arrested two people on suspicion of committing crimes that caused the general danger and violent behavior

OBLIGATIONS OF the Ministry of Interior in Novi Sad were arrested by D.K. (27) and M.K. (21) from Temerin because of the existence of grounds for suspicion of having committed crimes that caused the general danger and violent behavior.

They are also charged with attempting unauthorized use of another vehicle and four heavy thefts in an attempt.

It is suspected that on the night of November 18, two of them had burnt a truck in Temerina in front of the house where the fire was reported and partly burnt down, while another neighboring building was damaged.

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D. K. and M. K. then, as they doubted, tried to steal a vehicle, and several cars were damaged, broken glass and mirrors on them.

In the operative work, the police indicated the aforementioned criminal offenses and ordered the suspects to hold custody up to 48 hours, on the approval of the state attorney, who will be brought to the hearing with the criminal report.

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