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WE REPEAT: What type of propolis has effects on your health?

4. Propolis supports your immune system

Candida albicans, fungi characterized by the growth of yeast, usually affects the oral and genital areas, causing wounds, inflammation and fever. In a constant attempt to find a suitable and effective drug, the researchers analyzed propolis. The results show that propolis can inhibit the growth of this mushroom and stimulate a healthy immune response to the infection it causes.

These are some of the proven healing effects of propolis, and it would be wise to put it in our daily lives to protect your health. In the current state of the current viruses and bacteria that attack us again, a propolis product that can help you with bacteria, viruses and mushrooms from the mouth of the cavity PropoMucilĀ® pasty throat.

PropoMucilĀ® pastilles successfully helps with headache, sore throat, abdomen. We have the evidence that they only work, unlike other puddles, the cause of inflammation and pain. N-acetylcytin reduces the production of bacterial biofilm, allowing propolis to function as an antimicrobial agent, and zinc and vitamin C further boost your immunity.

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