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Why is it important to choose the right magnesium?


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Choosing the right magnesium preparation gives you more energy, better immunity, a healthier heart and significantly better overall health!

By Promo / Abela Pharm

Posted by Promo / Abela Pharm, Photo: Promo

Be honest … how often do you remember vitamins and minerals when you're feeling good? No way? So we thought … Usually vitamins and minerals come to mind when we get sick, we don't feel well, we are tired and tired, which is a big mistake.

Vitamins and minerals are key micronutrients of great importance for the overall health of our body, especially for the key biochemical and metabolic reactions that take place in our body. We often do not have a good idea of ​​what is going on in our body and what nutrients we are missing, but pay attention when their values ​​have dropped dramatically and the symptoms of vitamins and minerals are already visible.

One of the minerals that is extremely important to our body is magnesium.

Magnesium is a mineral that is normally found all around us: in the earth, in the sea, in plants, in animals and in our body. About 60% of magnesium in the body is found in the bones, and the rest (about 40%) is in the muscles, soft tissues and body fluids, including the blood. Every cell in our body contains magnesium at a certain concentration.

The effect of magnesium on our health is so crucial and far-reaching that the symptoms of its absence or deficiency are reflected throughout the body. Magnesium activates over 300 enzymatic reactions, coordinating the thousands of biochemical reactions that occur every day in our body. One of the major roles of magnesium is to act as a cofactor or "accessory molecule" in biochemical reactions involving various enzymes.


Promo, Photo: Promo

What does magnesium do in our body? First of all, magnesium is crucial for energy production in the body, nerve impulse transmission, muscle contraction, blood coagulation, nutrient metabolism, and bone and cell formation. Magnesium also promotes heart health, improves mood and memory, ensures good and quality sleep.

Magnesium deficiency, also known as hypomagnesaemia, is often an overlooked health problem that can later have far-reaching consequences. Although it is necessary to maximize dietary intake of magnesium, many studies indicate that 75% of the general population does not meet their daily recommended magnesium intake. In some cases, magnesium deficiency may be undiagnosed, as obvious signs do not usually appear until magnesium levels are very low.

When magnesium deficiency occurs in the body, the symptoms can be numerous and severe, ranging from fatigue, discomfort, muscle weakness and cramps, depression and anxiety, high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, osteoporosis and many others.

To prevent and prevent these naive health effects and to ensure the recommended magnesium level in time, daily magnesium supplementation is recommended. However, how do you choose the right and appropriate magnesium supplement among the many supplements available today?

Abela Pharm

Abela Pharm, Photo: Promo

First of all, what is needed to have the ideal magnesium supplement? In the first place, the best absorption and utilization for our body. Then perfected product using the most modern production technology. And last but not least – quality, reputation and confidence in the manufacturer.

Just as one key cannot open every lock, so every one, any form of magnesium, cannot meet our daily needs for this mineral. Many forms and additives of magnesium are not the most effective because of the form in which they contain magnesium, the composition of the preparations, the inadequate combination of ingredients, the insufficient application of the modern technology process. However, now there is a new, innovative solution!


Promo, Photo: Promo

Abela Pharm is proud to introduce Magnall®, the first multimagnesium brand in our market, consisting of 6 magnesium products, carefully designed for our various needs for magnesium.

Each of Magnall® products boasts a carefully selected combination and formulation of magnesium and other vitamins and minerals, as has been proven by numerous studies and clinical studies that the optimal bioavailability and absorption of magnesium is significantly higher with the given combinations of magnesium and certain vitamins and minerals in Magnall® This is confirmed by the fact that magnesium, combined with the vitamins and minerals from Magnall®, is absorbed faster and better in the body than other products.


Promo, Photo: Promo

Magnall® products are produced in collaboration with the most innovative companies in the world, ensuring that in only 1 capsule a day you have the maximum effect of magnesium supplementation during the day!

Now you finally have the most up-to-date and enriched magnesium product, to the highest world standards, it's up to you to choose which Magnall® you want and for what purposes!
Magnall® Marine Mineral, Magnall® Direct, Magnall® Immuno, Magnall® Cardio, Magnall® Relax and Magnall® Sleep are eagerly awaiting you to try them out and confirm your superiority!

Because Magnall® products are more than magnesium!

You can read about all the new Magnall® products here.

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