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Žogaeeva do not forget! Loan for the bumps that Luna and David chose, the general chaos in the house, all shaking! (PHOTO) | telegraph

Natasha Moskva selected the snow as his favorite person, and the choice of kings was all surprising

Bane chose weekly prints / Printskrin: TV Pink

Lead of this week, Bor Santana, chose new efforts, but with his choice shocked all because he sent Luna and David to isolation!

Bora printed five pairs of paper on the paper he wanted to set for the blows, and when he pulled Luna and David, the rest remained.

– This is a cube, a man getting good brie does not have to change. If they did not stay at the last, I would re-divide David, because the boy needs a break, "Bor said, and his decision was shocked.

What's interesting here if I do not get up? So you turned out to be poor, your show was down said Aleksandra Baneta.

Bane Colak / Printskrin: TV pink

– This is nothing fixed. I had five papers, so I wanted destiny, I pulled them out. I like to gamble, "Colak said.

Then the choice was commented by Luna.

"I honestly said today to joke to have a little rest, to go there, but I expected Nemanja to be with me, because we were told to be flying. That's my thing, he's free. This is a stupid thing with David, because he keeps commenting on how we do it. I'm confused about it, I'm always involved in the three, I'm sick of it, so I'm not happy because it's David. I'm glad, "Luna said, adding that David watched her as a friend and would stay that way," concluded Giogani.

The moon's reaction when she heard her and David bumps / Printskrin: TV Pink

Here's what David said.

– We'll be fine. Here we are good, we will also be there. We clap here, we have the right relationship, there was nothing to cause us to feel more. I can not wait for Saturday, maybe a week, to rest. As for me, I could have it every week, "David said.

Alexander did not give up on her election, so she also said what she had.

– It's on me because we show how important we are and how many voters we have. Although you were the first season, people do not like you and you are NN faces. Miki Đuričić complex number one, Bora Santana, Miljana Kulić … David will show how dominating we are stars for you and we will be just! said Alexander.

Aleksandra and David / Printskrin: TV Pink


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