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ZVEZDA DALEKO ZENITA: Red and White experienced minimal defeat in preparations in Austria (KURIR TV) | sport

Red and White were a better rival than most of the games, but did not take advantage of their numerous chances. And as in football, they are penalized for failures.

The star played an excellent first half, and it was best to force a dog game through Marine and Ivanić. Jovicic did a great job in the middle of the court. They were red and white through Marin and Ivanić, which was not exactly the case with two great chances. On the other hand, Dzhiba was arrested. At the transfer of the good game Zvezda got a goal. Ben and Gobeljić went to sleep, they were used by experienced Zirkov. One pet in the network was led by Azmun, better known as "Iranian Months".

After that, Ivanić scored well, Božići scored, but was in the offense.

In the second part, the star also possessed the ball, played on half the rivals. In such a constellation, Ben had a good chance at 49 minutes, but Lunev defended him. Then Gobelic warmed the hands of the goalkeeper Zenith.

Popovic shows why he was the first choice in preparations and defending Azmuna. Ivanić throws Boachy back on goal, but this shot at goalkeeper.

Vukanovic assisted Jevtovic in 87 but was defending Lunev, although they all already saw the ball in the throat, and Zvezda remained the same.

Red Star – Zenit 0: 1 (0: 1)

Stadium: Bishofshofen. Viewers: 1.000. Referee: Florian Jeger. Strings: Azmun 38 (Zenit). Yellow cards: Ozdoy (Zenit).

C. star: Popović – Gobeljić, Savić (from 46th Pankov), Milunović (77. Babić), Rodić (77. Stojković) – Jovičić (77. Vulić), Jovančić (from 89th Krstović) – Ben from 60. Jevtović), Ivanić, Marin (from 77th Simić) – Boacic (from 77th Vukanovic).

Zenit: Lunjev – Smoljnikov, Ivanovic, Rakički, Žirkov – Ozdojev, Noboa, Riđoni (from 89th Prohin), Drijus (60th Shatov) – Dzyub (75th Bridges), Azmun (from 86.Mussian).

Other half

90 + 3 minutes – The end of the game

86th minute – Vukanovic won the ball, sent to Jevtovic, who, though in the "sandwich", managed to shoot Zenith. The ball went naked

82 minutes – New attempt by Gobeljic and goalkeeper Zenita

75 minutes – The game is quick and the teams demonstrate a desire to endure a goal. The red star has a ball but a specific end is missing

67 minutes Marina made an excellent attempt at the goal but the ball went wide

63th minute – Good ship and defense attempt Lewis

60 minutes – Zicer for Azmun! Good intervention by goalkeeper Popovic

53 minutes – After the corner and the action, Jovičić tried

52 minutes – Gobelic's twenty-meter bomber and goalkeeper Zenita defense

51 minutes – The star pressed at the beginning of the second part, playing mostly against the throat Zenith

46 minutes – The match continues

Other half

45 + 1 minute – End of first half

41 minutes – The star has been canceled! Ivanić tried, goalkeeper Zenit refused, and ey Boacic hit the net. The strike was canceled because the striker Zvezda was in offense

39th minute – GOL 0: 1, Azmun! Zirkov and Azmun punched several times after the ball struck the ball and eventually Azmun put it in the net!

35th minute – A good attack on the Red Star and a great opportunity for Ivanić, who was a few meters away from the volleyball, hit the goalkeeper Zenita

33 minutes – Nice turn and blow to Marine, the ball goes off again

23 minutes – Marina made an excellent blow

16 minutes – The star had a balance in the middle of the field, so he had one goal in the goal area

7 minutes – Again a break in which Zenit took over the defenses of the Stars. The ball did not go to the box of Popovica

1 minute – Strong attack on Zenith, Azmou tried

1 minute – The game was started

First half

Red Star: Popovic, Milunovic, Savić, Gobeljic, Jovicic, Ivanić, Rodić, Jovančić, Marin, Ben, Boacic. Reservations are: Vasiljević, Stojković, Pankov, Babić, Vulić, Ebisilio, Šimić, Jevtović, Jirka, Vukanović, Krstović.

Zenit: Lunev, Smolnikov, Ivanovic, Rakitski, Zirkov, Ozdojev, Noboa, Rigoni, Driusi, Džuba, Azmou

Zenit is definitely a general because, after Staroka, they expect the final of the Supercup and the first round of the Premier League of Russia. On the other hand, Red and White will play their last match against second-placed Blau Weissa on July 1st. With Vladan Milojevic in that match, he will give a chance to those who will not play against Zenith. Or those who get less minutes.

photo: Kurir Sport / Aleksandar Radonić

Zenith should not waste words. It is the current champion of Russia and a team that has Branislava Ivanovic, Kokorina, Markizu, Driusia, Šatova, Žirkov, Đubrava …

The match between these two clubs will be interesting for Ivanovic, who has not played against the star for 14 years. Let's start, last time as a player of OFK Belgrade in November 2005, because last winter Turkey was injured.

photo: Kurir Sport / Aleksandar Radonić

Also, Red Star Captain Marko Marin announced that after this meeting he could talk to Ivanovic and tell him to come to Maracan.

The star has restored the previous two tombs with Cluj and Apollo (1: 1) and certainly has a great motive to complete the preparation in style by "reducing" the great Zenith.

photo: Kurir Sport / Aleksandar Radonić

Unlike previous games, Milojevic has changed the tandem stopwatch into Zenith. Instead of Philip Stojkovic, Vujadin Savić will play while Goran Čačić will be El Fardu Ben. And probably in the "dozens" position, while Ivanić and Jovančić will be behind. Gobojić will be on the right, Rodić will go left, Milunovic with Savic in the center of defense, Jevtovic and Marin on the sides and Boaci in Spica.

photo: Kurir Sport / Aleksandar Radonić

It is playing at 16.30 in Bishofshofen, instead of Grodig, as originally planned.

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