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$ 51 Billion Divorce: Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos Will Be Officially Shared, News & Top Stories

LONDON (BLOOMBERG) – One of the biggest transfers of fortune in history is expected in the coming days.

With the move of a court pen, a $ 38 billion share in Amazon will be transferred to MacKenzie Bezos as part of the separation from the founder of Jeff Bezos.

"This is Godzilla of all divorces," said Peter Walzer, president of the American Academy of Marriage Attorneys and founding partner Walzer Melcher. "Nothing approaches him because of the amount of wealth he shares."

Legal disclosure of ownership modification details is expected in early July, according to documentation from April.

This will provide a rare glimpse into the richest divorce in the world, as a result of the US Securities and Exchange Commission Rules that require pioneers to discover changes in their shares.

Although divorce cases are not secret in Washington, it is expected that something else will be revealed. "Even in non-confidential states, parties can apply for a divorce, but they do not have to file a settlement agreement," Walzer said. "There are ways about the public nature of divorce."

Jeff Bezos, 55, is still the wealthiest person in the world, with a 12-percent Amazonian share of $ 112 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. He will retain other property, including the Washington Post and the Blue Origin research company, MacKenzie Bezos, 49, said in a tweet in April.

The amounts involved are unprecedented.

While Oracle Larry Ellison went through multiple divorces, no one affected its share in the software maker. Likewise, the share of the co-founder of Google Sergey Brin remained unchanged after he and Anne Wojcicki split in 2015 without fanfare.

The separation of oil industry magnate Harold Hamma from Sue Ann Arnall was far more disturbing. The couple filed for divorce in 2012 after 26 years of marriage, and their trial two years later ended with Hamm, the president and CEO of Continental Resources, who was ordered to pay $ 972 million from the then estimated $ 16.1 billion.

Arnall later tried to open the case again, but the Oklahoma Supreme Court rejected the appeal in 2015.

MacKenzie Bezos said he intends to make a lot of his fortune. He signed a grant agreement in May, promising to donate more than half of his wealth to philanthropy.

"I will not wait," she wrote in her promise. "And I'll keep it until the safe is gone."

In the petition about the divorce of Bellevue, Ted Billbe of Washington, is quoted as her lawyer. Sherri Anderson from Seattle is the lawyer of Jeff Bezos. None responded to the requests for comments.

Even if other details remain confidential, the case will remain the cornerstone of the conversation between divorce attorneys.

"Everyone in my business is asking about it," Walzer said.

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