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Android Beam could be replaced by AirDropa's "Quick Sharing"

If you already lack Android Beam and the way it allows you to easily share links or files from one device to another, all good news and bad news are included in one item: Google plans to introduce a new "Quick Sharing" protocol by upgrading the Play service that will enable Android devices to share assets with other devices, primarily using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct connections.

9to5Google and XDA-Developers have developed a new applet, a screenshot with screenshots. The Quick Sharing function is essentially a sharing function found in the Google Files app where users themselves assign a device name to the Sharing Shared, and then scans the surrounding devices via Bluetooth before finalizing Wi-Fi Direc- tors.

The feature is highlighted by the icon for the nearby "Nearby" feature, which indicates local points of the Bluetooth signal. Fast Share obviously has a dark theme, as shown in the previous pictures, and seems to be running in demo mode. Several pre-set "near devices" include a Chromebook, Pixel 3, iPhone, and a "smart clock". Of course, resorting to the same standard wireless connections Apple possesses AirDrop, transferring files across devices from different platforms becomes an option – although it's unpublished, it's wise not to assume what's going to be public.

On the other hand, you will face the same problems of anonymity that led to the perverting of the perverted images on travelers who do not doubt the train. There is a "Desired visibility" tag that you can give to the devices you are frequently connected to. And yet, one of the great reasons people miss Android Beam, and Samsung's Beam, who used Wi-Fi Direct for data transfer instead of Bluetooth, for the safety of the device touching the other device and triggering contact via NFC, And. There is no risk of underlying the name of the device, there are no random visual attacks, none of it.

It can not be said whether and when Fast Share is achieved, and with the Play Service feature, which version of Android will come. However, the unpleasant nature of physically tapping phones prevents many people from using the Beam, so … swings and circular movements, right?

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