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Apple freezes Facebook's internal applications to protect the privacy of users

The headquarters of Facebook yesterday, reportedly, was in chaos after Apple yesterday (January 30th) decided to close down social networking applications.

The resignation comes in response to a TechCrunch report released on Tuesday (January 29th) that Facebook uses Apple's internal app distribution program to track teenage users using the "research" application, offering them a payment up to $ 20 ($ 29.94) a month in return for data tracking and mobile activity.

Apple closed Facebook's ability to distribute internal iOS applications, from early releases of Facebook applications to basic tools. According to The Verge, Facebook employees can not open transport company apps and lunch menus, along with beta versions of Facebook applications such as Messenger and Instagram.

Called "Project Atlas," an offensive application constitutes the abuse of Apple's business program, allowing developers to use special certificates to install more powerful applications on iPhones.

The app is intended only for the company's internal use, but Facebook has distributed a tracking application for teenagers.

This is the first time that Apple and Facebook took action against each other. Last March, Apple CEO Tim Cook criticized Facebook's processing of data scandal Cambridge Analytica, saying "I would not be in such a situation" if it manages the company.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg later said the comments were "extremely blurry" and he talked about Apple as a "acting" company,[s] it's hard for you to charge more. "

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