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Deer saw waving around Lornie Roada for injury, age, environmental news, and latest news

SINGAPORE – Sunday night (November 25th), Sambar's deer drowned around Lornie Road, announced jointly by the National Parks (NParks) and Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) on Friday.

Jelena looked confused as she wandered in the middle of traffic on Lornie Road, according to Stomp's reader video.

The NParks were warned of deer at Lornie Road after 21:00 on Sunday, and along with the WRS Veterinary Team conducted a joint operation.

Old male Sambar deer should be darted for their safety as well as drivers, as it was lost, two organizations said.

On-site testing showed that deer was abnormally thin and had more pre-existing traumatic wounds that were infected with blood.

NParks and WRS estimated that the chances of survival were low, based on injuries and general illness, and made the decision to drop them on a human basis.

The necrosis carried out by the WRS veterinary surgeon confirmed that the animal was old-fashioned and had dental problems, which would have contributed to its poor condition.

"Both NParks and WRS value and understand the importance of preserving our wildlife, and decision-making is not taken lightly," the organizations say in a joint statement.

Deputy Chief Executive of Acres, Kalai Vanan, told ST that he had received a call around the incident on about 21.30 on Sunday, and they left and had traffic control for about 30 to 40 minutes.

Mr. Kalai explained that Lornie Road is not far from the old cemetery of Bukit Brown, which is re-developed, and the road is green on both sides.

"Sometimes when animals cross two green areas, they do not know that it's a road, they just try to get from point A to point B," he said.

It is recommended that members of the public remain calm and slowly depart from the animal if they see any Sambar deer. You should not approach or try to feed an animal, and you should keep safe distance from it.

Drivers should drive within speed limits and be careful when moving animals while driving along the road surrounded by forested areas, especially where there are signs of animal crossing.

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