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Defenders who could replace Thanos in MCU

Warning: Avengers follows the complete spoiler: Endgame.

There is a reason why Marvel began to mention the first three phases of the Marvel cinematic universe as an "infinite saga." Each of these 22 films played a role in promoting a comprehensive story about Earth's most powerful heroes who team up to prevent Thanos from destroying the universe. Even if Thanos himself appeared only in a few of these films, he was the catalyst that has inspired MCU all over the decade.

Now that the Avengers: Endgame has come and brought the Infinite Saga to the end, we have to wonder what the perpetrators could fill this void. What Marvel's characters are sufficiently involved, ambitious enough and fascinating enough to shape the next decade of MCU in the way Thanos designed the first one? Here are some worthy candidates.



The attack is the ultimate fusion of power mutants. This bad guy was created the day Charles Xavier used his power to wipe out Magnet's mind. At that moment, the most profound aspects of Magnet's personality moved to Xavier's mind, joining Xavier's dark side and creating a psychological demon of incredible power. By the time Onsus took the physical form, he evolved into a creature that was so powerful that the combined power of X-Men, Fantastic Four and Avengers stopped.

The attack certainly has the power to take over many of the heroes of the MCU. And since the X-Men finally debut the MCU in the coming years, it seems that it is only appropriate to frame the next decade of movies about a mutant criminals. Movies will need a certain amount of setup and building the world to make Onsal happen, but comics already offer a blueprint. Saga "Onslaught" has been happening for many months. Early on, the X-Men heard a silent whisper about the new mutilation threat, which was strong enough to literally hit Juggernaut across the country. This construction culminated in the epic account of Marvel's heroes and this seemingly unstoppable enemy.

We hope MCU will make some adjustments to this bad guy, including giving Onslaugh a more defined personality and deeper motivation than is seen in the comic strip. But the potential for a worthy heir to Thanos certainly exists.

Doctor Doom


We have seen two incarnations of Doctor Doom in a live action (three if you count on the unpublished Fantastic Four movie Roger Corman), and none of them respect the greatest villain in the Marvel universe. The only way to replenish this Doom drought is to put the figure on the forehead of the MCU.

Doom will always be a Fantastic Four villain. Its unique blend of disgust and love for the Richards family will always ensure it. However, Doom has a rather powerful file that opposes other Marvel heroes. Probably his crowning achievement as a villain came in secret wars in 2015. When the Marvel multiverse was erased, Doom created an area known as Battleworld and ruled it as God Car. That's the thing in Doom. He may not be as powerful as someone like Thanos, but his boundless ambition and thirst for glory often raised him to become one of the most powerful creatures in existence. Like Thanos, Doom is a powerful villain whose only vulnerability is his deeply damaged psyche.

We'd like to see that the adaptation of secret wars serves as the ultimate point for the next decade of Marvel movies. And with Spider-Man: Far from home obviously by introducing the concept of the multiverse, we can be one step closer to that story that becomes reality on a large canvas.



Many fans have speculated that the MCU would reverse the adaptation of the Secret Invasion after the game was over. This story depends on the discovery that many of the Earth's heroes and political figures have secretly replaced Skrull's fraudsters. This deception is aimed at introducing a massive Skrull invasion on Earth, even when the Vengeants themselves are paralyzed with the question of whether they can trust their allies.

As much as we would like to see that the MCU builds to adapt to any secret invasion or war in Kree-Skrull, no option seems terribly likely with regard to Captain Marvel's events. This film found Skrulls as innocent victims of an endless war of conquest and dissolution of the Empire of the Empire. It is possible that not all Skrulls are well-intentioned as Talos and his family, but MCU definitely did not paint Skrulls as a threat to the comic strip.

This does not mean that Kree can not serve as the main antagonist in Stage 4. The Earth finally awakened the existence of alien life. The fact that the Earth team has stopped Thanos and rescued the universe must draw attention to good and bad varieties, not to mention that as many enemies as Captain Marvel in his intergalactic peacekeeping missions, it is more like a target on the back of his home. We could see that Kree's Supreme Intelligence decided to make the Earth the next target in the expansion plans of the Empire, and it will take more than one Revolutionary Team to eliminate the largest army in the known universe.


X-Necrosha_Vol_1_1_Textless "class =" size aligncenter-large wp-slika-2135588 "height =" 556 "src =" -720x556.jpg "width =" 720 "/><p>Apocalypse is an obvious candidate for a great MCU villain. He is one of the most powerful mutants on earth, and he knows how to fight with other heroes. Certainly we would not say a film based on the transition to the time of the Apocalypse.</p><p>Given this, the Apocalypse was recently (and badly) treated in X-Men 2016: Apocalypse. Marvel Studios may consider that this criminal is currently harmed. Even if not, Marvel's choice of villains so far in Spider-Man films suggests they are more interested in using bad guys who have not been shown in past movies yet. So if not the Apocalypse, then why does not a mutant bad guy be older than he is? Maybe Selena is the best option for MCU.</p><p>Selene is a millennial mutant vampire who feeds on the psychological livelihood of others. This allowed her to survive in the present and makes her almost an unstoppable enemy when she starts. She fought against X-Men himself and as a member of the Hellfire Club. Considering her relationship with the supernatural area, she is a villain with the unique ability to unite X-Men, Avengers, and Doctor Strange in a massive conflict. The MCU could even make its own transition to the Necrosh crossover, where Selene resurrects dead mutants in an attempt to turn into a goddess. It could be a way of returning dead heroes to favorite fans like zombies.</p><p><iframe class=

Selenina's background also allows some interesting possibilities in terms of exploring the prehistoric past of the MCU. She actually has tangential connections to Conan Barbarian! If Marvel Studios ever gets the rights to Conan's franchise (like the recent Marvel Comics), Selene would be a perfect villain for the Conan / Avengers team-up movie.

Kang Conqueror


This powerful criminal is notorious for being armed. He travels freely between the past and the future and manipulates human history for his own goals. He ruled in ancient Egypt as a god, and he ruled the distant future as an almighty tyrant. And no matter how many times Kang is defeated and seemingly killed, his mastery over time means that there is always a second version of him ready to hit the Avengers when they least expect him.

Endgame events could easily serve as a catalyst for Kang's debut. Perhaps Endgame serves as its origin. When young Kang sees how the Avengers have managed to manipulate over time to achieve the impossible goal, he has inspired them to do the same. Or maybe Kang always lurking behind the scene in the MCU, and the acts of the Avenger make him vulnerable enough to finally find out. It may happen that Endgame events leave only time broken, leaving Kang open to work on his distress even more.

Kang makes sense as a comprehensive villain who has had links to various Marvel franchises. It has to do with Avengers, Fantastic Four, People and X-Men. Given all the evidence that Marvel slowly builds up to the debut of Young Avengers, Kang would be the perfect enemy for that team. More on how Endgame subtly sets Kang Conqueror, come here.

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