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Elderly hospitalized after taking the healthcare product; Warning given over 2 other additions

SINGAPORE: An elderly man in Singapore has been hospitalized after eating a health product containing the unwanted ingredient, HSA said on Friday (November 30th).

A man who, in his 70s, bought an applause called Pil Raja Urat Asli from the street vendor in Geylang and Kinshasa, and made it to relieve pain in his knees.

He later developed Cushing's syndrome, a condition caused by prolonged consumption of steroids. Symptoms include face and obesity in the upper part of the body with thin limbs.

"It is caused by long-term consumption of steroids such as dexamethasone which was fraudulently added to the product," HSA said.

The body also issued a warning about two other healthcare products: XXS xtraxtrasmall and the best food products Diabotica 500mg capsules.

The products are uncovered "undetected" powerful Western healing ingredients, "said HSA.

Sibutramine – a forbidden substance for weight loss – was found in XXS xtraxtrasmall, while mycophenolic acid, used to suppress immunity in autoimmune diseases, was found in Diabotica capsules.

XXS xtraxtrasmall is sold online, and Best Nutrition Products Diabotica is sold at local retail outlets.

HSA said it launched a product revocation from a store and commissioned a site removal list.


Consumers who have taken XXS xtraxtrasmall and Best Nutrition Products Diabotics are advised to stop taking them immediately and consult a doctor if they do not feel well.

Those who undertook Pil Hail Care Asli should see the doctor as soon as possible because it contains a powerful steroid, HSA said.

He also advised consumers to be cautious in health products that offer quick effects or look too good to be true and also avoid purchasing healthcare products from street vendors.

The public also needs to be careful when purchasing such products online, he added.

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