Thursday , February 25 2021

Epic High Talks on why they don’t often appear in various shows on “Incredible Saturday”

Tablo Episode High and DJ Tukutz appeared in the January 16 episode of TVN’s “Incredible Saturday!”

Epik High is currently preparing for its 10th studio album “Epik High Is Here,” featuring artists such as BI, G.Soul, Heize, CL, Zica and others.

In the episode “Incredible Saturday,” MC Boom asked guests why it’s hard to see Epic High on stage. Tablo replied: “One of the reasons we haven’t been on stage for a while is that Tukutz published the news one day. He said he was happy he wasn’t known and that he was glad they didn’t recognize him. He said he wants to focus only on music and doesn’t want to be permeated by diverse shows. “

Asked why they decided to come to the show, Tablo said: “Our manager sent a message in our group chat asking us if we were interested in performing. Of course I thought Tukutz wouldn’t want to go, but he immediately called me and said, ‘We should go to the show together. “

Tukutz explained, “I’m a fan of this show. My son said, ‘I don’t think I’ve ever seen you appear on television’ and made fun of me by asking, ‘Are you sure you’re someone who goes on TV today?’ I decided to perform on this show to prove it to my son. “

The board also shared that the cast should not depend on his abilities as a singer-songwriter and producer because he forgets the text. “I mix texts,” he explained. “Mitra’s parts always seem new to me. We’ve performed the song ‘Fly’ about 10,000 times, but every time I hear him jump, I say, “Oh, those are the lyrics.”

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