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Firmino said he was engaged in fishing; Man Utd fan ridiculates transfer strategy meetings

Liverpool enthusiast wants to send Firmino fishing as Reds takes over Mersyside rival Everton, and what happens behind the closed doors at Old Trafford during the transfer meetings reveals the United fan, in your Says of the Day.

I recently read an article about how recruitment works today and how agents become scouts. The club is known to be interested in players for a particular place and provide a description of the quality they are looking for. A little like ad creative. Agents are then trying to sell one of the players in their club books that will probably accept a recommendation from the agent they know.

Must fit in JM character. Players signing are invincible, and players who do not sign can not play. His combination of ego and misery. Since Fred signed in the beginning of the summer, I see how it goes … ..

Ed: The club wants to sign Freda
JM: I do not want him!
Ed: Look, we sign 3 players this summer, can you choose another 2 okay?
JM: That's good.

JM: Ed, I want Alderweireld and Willian.
Ed: They're too old for the price, I'm sorry Jose. I can not let you have them.
JM: But you promised * stomps foot *
Ed: Yes, but I thought it was clear that the club must have value for money
JM: Well, if I can not have them, I do not want someone * stuck a foot *
Ed: Fair enough, to save me money.
JM: I'll tell you the press
Ed: Fair enough, but read the small print in the contract.
JM: We will not win this season.
Ed: Good enough, but read the small print in your contract!


Instead of starting a new thread, he will ask a question. If Jose has to let go, should that be the right time?


As soon as possible … if it decides for it now and not allowing Mourinho to injure and poison the club for the next 5-6 months. Waiting for the fourth place is mathematically impossible to fool me if you ask me.

The flip side is what to do by the end of the season though? Our next manager is not ready to walk from mid-season but will agree to join us next summer.

Divine gas

Depends who is the next manager? Some are free even if you do not want them …


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On the other big un & # 39; and Kloppov 7. Merseyside Derby (W4, D6).

Everyone remembers last year's 1-1 at Anfield and Lovren's fake guy, allowing Rooney to back (again) at Anfield.

Everyone is harping about reviving Everton; I see another inconsistent Everton. They are the best example of the Premier League side for W1 D1 L1, but from the loss to Arsenal two months ago they had 5 wins, 3 defeats and 1 defeat, which only reached 5 goals at that time, which greatly worries me with our unfortunate attack .

It will change on Sunday and I feel good about this game. Why? I just came from the phone with Kloppy and he let me choose the start of the XI Sunday so that people here are super wound doors!

Alisson, Milner, Gomez, VVD, Robbo, Wij, Fabinho, Shaqiri, Salah, Mane and Sturridge!

Whoah, Milner at the right time? That! Fabinho and Wij came back together again? That! Because I liked the chemistry I saw between those two players in the games that they played together and I want to see more …. The hijacking and changing of the engine room appears when we finally see some clicks with any of our new players (Shaq, Fab and Naby). Naby will come as an hour 10 (yep) and move Shaq to Salah's position if Mo is not in races. Bobby is not in the team for a case you're wondering. They sent him a fish. Henderson's on the bench with … .Paul Walsh. Walshy was out of retirement and he was up for it. I want a fox in the box and Washy was it. He watched him crush Norwich once in his home in the snow, so it would be for Danny in the middle of the second.

I think we will win 2-0 or 3-1.

You have to design and fax this to Walshy to hang on the mirror to get it for Sunday!

Rob is worth tx worth

Very good man. You know, that's not the worst team ever. I do not see Klopp for it, but there are some things that need to be fine. I also liked the combination of Wijnaldum and Fabinha. This is something that will be better with the years. Upfront is what bothers me when choosing a team. I do not think Klopp will be running Firmino, but I would. I tell you what, I will set a little different taste and you can see what you think.

Milner – Gomez – Van Dijk – Robertson
Wijnaldum – Fabinho
Arnold – Shaqiri – Salah

I like your thoughts about Milner in RB. I do not see this happening, but it is too valuable not to play and even though Trent has been poor for the most part of the season, it's a derby … He has to play. I have removed defensive duties and I think it could do well. Consider it audition for him.

I put Mane forward instead of Salah because he was at a much higher level than Salah and Firmino (in my opinion anyway). He has everything he needs to play as pretty decent. 9. Goals will be good for him, raise the pace when he scores goals.

I can not see Klopp playing any team, but we live in hope.


4-2-3-1 for me for this game.
TAA, Gomez, VVD, Robbo
Fabinho, Milner
Salah, Shaq, Mané

I still see that Klopp chose Wij for this game, but I do not think he played well in the last game of the park.
Although I picked up Fabinho, I'm not sure there will be a speed for an intense derby, but because Hendos is out, he's our second option for 6. Milner loves fighting and knows derby so that's because he's in,
I want to see Shaq at 10 to secure this connection between the duel and the defense with Salah and Man back to playing near their usual positions.
I'm still worried in the middle.


I see Everton playing exactly as they did against Chelsea very defensive. Chelsea tried to break them down and we will have the same difficult time. We have to play Shaq because he has the ability to do it differently. I would play Keitah with a shaq in Firminho, Salah in the middle. I expect to win 1-0.
Rows: – Allison, Gomez, Lovren, Van Dyke, Robinson, Milner, Wigi, Keita, Shaqiri, Salah, Mane

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Tammy Abraham TEAMtalk

What about Tommy Abraham 4 of your typical strikers in the amazing 5-5 mastermind of the forest.


I do not know if he heard Sarri comment on Hudson-Odoi's time, very disappointing when you hear him telling him not to play him, and Moses and Pedro are on the bench in front of him so that, say, there will always be someone before your extraordinary young talent, we can not continue to buy for many reasons and despite the fact that these older players have had so much to cement their place, and yet everything that still does not appear to be registered is no surprise that they do not want to sign a new contract.


I'm sure that Sarri will be forced to look more or play regularly with Abraham, Mason, RLC, Hudson-Odi, etc.


The club has to change its way of doing business as the limitations become overwhelming as many of us have said why we can not use these young players is almost as unwanted or indefinite as playing British players but it will go that way sooner or later. We have about 6-7 players who are too old and we will not all replace them with continental players, there is also no need.

Not nice

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Chelsea v-PAOK TEAMtalk

Hoping that the players involved tonight are not all excluded from Fulham's match on Sundays. Giroud, Barkley … maybe Cesc certainly increase their chances of getting started. It's nice to see Ampad to get a few minutes. Morata came to Giroud, won fourth with CHO. Perhaps Giroud goes early to retire to Sunday's match.


The passage of the game goes to Fabregas for help. In Giroud's second goal. It's nice to see the CHO result and get the auspicious advantage of Southgate and the Netherlands.

Barkley has scored more goals and has more support from Kovačica and he is our player, and Kovacic is a good player but not our player. Kovačević is not our player. We have to use Barkley more and more. It's not a strong defensive. But he gives you goals. I had a complete change of attitude towards him. Credit for him to revive his career. I am a great fan of Loftus Cheek, technically superior to others by Hazard and CHO. And you must have Ampad or Chrisrensen to replace Luiz.


I am not a fan of Fabregas in any part of my imagination, but I'm happy to agree that he had a great match tonight. Given the amount of time it took to the ball, he managed to pick some great passes. It is not good enough for the pace and stability of the EPL, but can see why Milan stands behind him – he would have a field day in a slower rhythm of Italian football

He was really happy that Hudson Odoi had started, played remarkably and put on his goal and help. He thought he was good at playing, but he wanted to see that he was a bit different from the game and try to take off the outside defender – even if he was thinking about the defense attorney. He would like to see him start this weekend as his head and shoulders are better than Pedro

He is also happy with Giroud and Morat because their goals should be trusted, and all three have been well engaged. He is also pleased that Amadou finally gets the game so he can hope to see his injury problems lie behind him

Good solid performance, but the oxygen test will be this weekend, where you should expect to win to see if Sarri's words make a real impression.


I'm not sure what Sarri said and what was expected, but for me, I thought Fabregas played much higher than what Jorginho reminded me of.

Seeing Sarri was very clear to see only Jorginha and Fabregas as their players, I wonder if we would like Jorginho to play a bigger field on Sunday or if that was the specific instructions for Fabregas on the day …?


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