Tuesday , July 27 2021

Google's new app "Squoosh" is designed to optimize your images

You can access Squoosh online through your easy web site and, after uploading, you can also work offline within the browser. The web application is relatively easy to use: it supports a variety of web formats such as JPG, MozJPEG, WebP and PNG. It also shows a visual comparison of the original image and compressed version 1: 1, to illustrate the differences. When you're done with editing, just tap the download to save the image locally. Squoosh is an open source tool, so if you are interested in its internal functionality, you can look at his code at GitHub.

Googler Jake Archibald said Engadget that the new application has some features only work on Firefox and Safari. "We expose all encoders that have a browser inside, and Firefox supports encoding in BMP," said developer advocate in Google. "Safari refuses coding on the operating system to be able to encode JPEG2000, TIFF, BMP, PDF, GIF. Chrome does not have that feature."

Yet, Google's irony is obsessed with the time of page load, ignoring how tedious Chrome will not lose on many users. Elsewhere, the big G is also struggling to convert their mobile web sites to fast web standards – hopes to expand beyond the reach of current users (including themselves, Twitter, Bing and Baidu) and bring the entire network into its charter. Avoiding infamous large pictures is an integral part of this master plan.

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