Thursday , January 28 2021

In the Grand Canyon, they found traces of an unknown ancient reptile

Grand-Konnone on sejdensled sledy independent ancient recommendationsAn unknown genius lived on Earth 310 million years ago.

Researchers point out that a number of feet extend to the meter and in an unusual way – on the diagonal. Traces belong to the Carboniferous period when the Earth is inhabited by herbs and first reptiles. "The paths look like two lizards walking past each other, but the lizards do not go by the side, this is not happening," said Professor Stephen Rowland of Nevada University.

Scientists have put forward several motion features that would leave such strange prints if an unknown reptil that crashed with intent. This could be, for example, the side wind: if it was strong enough, it could cause the animal to move diagonally. Another possibility – a strong tendency, which was then on the surface and broken animal during walking. It is still possible that traces remain in competition with the enemy or some ritual to attract a partner.

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