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In the UK, they discovered the most notorious neighborhood

Soho has no shortage of bars, food out and air pollution (Picture: Getty / iStock Photo)

Soho is the least healthy neighborhood for life in the country, new research has shown.

The London West End area is known for its lively nightlife and there are no pubs, restaurants and restaurants.

But there are not enough parks and green areas and filled with air pollution.

Poor parts of the country are saturated with chippies and bookmakers, while rural towns and villages have a lower access to health services, according to the study.

Researchers at the University of Liverpool have used a range of life habits and environmental protection measures to develop the healthiest and least healthy parts of the UK.

Factors that include access to places of fast food, off licenses and boozers and proximity to health services, parks and recreational areas.

Customers at Carnaby Street, Soho, who reached the top of the ladder of unhealthy (Picture: Getty)
Great Torrington Market, North Devon, crowned the healthiest place in the UK (Picture: Rex)

But this is good news for people in Great Torrington, North Devon, which is crowned as the healthiest place to live in the country.

A small shopping town has low pollution levels, many green areas, good access to health services, and not many unpopular streets.

All the top ten healthy places to live were in Scotland, including Lochwinnoch in Renfrewshire, Fauldhouse in West Lothian, Foxbar in Renfreshire, and Marnoch in North Lanakrshir.

Of the ten largest unhealthy neighborhoods, six of them were in London, and some included Shotley Gate near Ipswich and the area around Imminger Humberside.

Soho in London's West End is known for pubs, bars and restaurants (Picture: Getty / Moment RF)

The University co-operated with the Consumer Information Center and Public Health in England to collect data on the shelf, including Environmental Pollution Pollution Statistics and Information from General Practitioners, Health Centers, and Fast Food Stores Operations.

Dr. Mark Green, senior lecturer in health geography, said: "Statistics reveal important insights on the concentration of certain benefits that can be harmful or promote health."

On average, the British are just as close to a pub or bar as they are closest to the GP (1.1km) and 42% within 1km of the casinos.

Also missing green areas in the busy London neighborhood (Image: EMPICS Entertainment)

Dr. Green added, "These statistics reveal worrying issues in the neighborhood we live in and how they can harm our health."

Deputy Director of the Consumer Research Center Professor Alex Singleton said: "Our study has shown that access is not equally distributed across the UK – rural areas have a much weaker access to many health services and services that are considered to be harmful to health are often concentrated in poorer areas.

For example, 62 percent of people living in 10 percent of the poorest areas are within 1 mile of eating a fast food compared to 24 percent in 10 percent of the poorest areas.

Use this interactive map to find out how much your neighborhood is healthy.

The results of the research will be officially presented for the first time on Monday at the International Symposium on Medical Geography in Queenstown, New Zealand.

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